Thursday, March 02, 2006

Intel joins the Origami debate???

Lora Heiny posted a comment that caught my attention this evening about the correlation between Google rankings and the Origami Project. While I think the propoganda and the way in which it has infected the blogosphere is very inspiring, I am a little concerned about the effect it will have on search engine results.

Like a Tsunami leaves months and perhaps years of devastation in its wake, could it be that the Microsoft project will leave years of irreversible Goolge rankings for true "paper-folding" websites coming out of the motherland?

Image C/O:

I'd like to dedicate the following links to the true warrior, in an effort to keep "pagerank" honest:

You guys don't deserve to be bullied by a little "startup" like Microsoft. Keep the dream alive and let me know if your "pagerank" is affected!

Good luck boys, we think Intel has started talking Origami!

The Intel scoop was Blogged by Rob Bushway of If you pay some attention to the keywords flashed before you, such as Music, Games, Internet, TV, Entertainment and Music again, then we can only assume that Microsoft has impregnated the embryo of the "iPod Movie" with "Sony PSP" DNA.

This blogpost is brought to you by the letter P (as in Procrastinating on work I should be doing).

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