Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tegatech Australia gets Ultra Moble

This evening I received PDF that Tegatech Australia went live with UMPC pricing in Australia. As far as I know this is a first in the Southern Hemisphere, and exciting for anyone living downunder. Tegatech Austraila is the exclusive Distributor of the Tablet Kiosk range of Tablet PC and Ultra Mobile PC; as such it is the EO that has first shown up on their website.

Looks like more people will be Ultra Mobile around the globe than first expected. It will be interesting to see how many early adopters buy an Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) in Australia.

If you haven’t seen the little survey I’m running online regarding UMPC preference then you may want to take a look– as of 2am (Australia) 29 March 06 it has Samsung ahead of the Tablet Kiosk device by a whole 10%. Founder and ASUS seem to be receiving a very weak showing thus far…

Get your vote in and perhaps send the OEMs an early sign of things to come!


CTitanic said...

are you getting one for yourself?
I preordered mine already ;)

Hugo Ortega said...

Absolutely! To me it's the one to buy.

Anonymous said...

At those prices ..

Thanks but

No thanks

Hugo Ortega said...

I can see why you remained anonymous; no point in telling everyojne your name when you've got nothing to say!

What's the point in being remembered for that!!!

Visit again soon :-)

Anonymous said...

My Oh My,
Aren't you touchy.
Look I like the idea of the UMPC but at that price and battery life it's a flop. I can get by with my windows smartphone and laptop.
For the record my name is David and I don't have the time to set up an account here there everywhere.
You are not going to win any respect by flaming everyone you disagree with.

Hugo Ortega said...

You'll need to understand, David, that Anonymous is not a login I respect very much (my blog is setup so you can simply leave a name). What I do appreciate is your feedback.

In regards to your comment I can totally agree that battery life is a concern. At less than three hours, for UMPC generation 1, it's virtually impossible to replace other devices with a UMPC. What I do like is the screen size, functionality (full XP) and the resistive touch capabilities.

Yesterday I sat through a "Strategic Technologies" seminar with guest speaker Martin Reynolds, of Gartner. My main question to him after his talk was regarding battery life and its very small growth in comparison to computing power. His answer reflected my concerns, "battery power is growing at a slower rate than technology and will continue to do so for the next 5 years!"

Thank you for elaborating on your brief thoughts earlier, and understand that a blog, after all, is someone’s domain for you to guest appear in. You wouldn’t go to Paris and dump your rubbish on the path just because you’re not from there!

CTitanic said...

The price and the battery life are without any doubt about it a lethal combination here. I'm ending right now paying for the eo V7110 the same amount I paid for my main PC (laptop) and the eo was or it's supposed to be a companion pc. In another hand, there is no any Tablet PC with this specs that come close in price to what we get with the eo. As a developer I'm buying it because I see some use on it as a tool and to develop for this new devices so I hope that I'll get back part of the money that I'm "investing". But this situation is far from being the average.

But despite this, I have posted a poll at my site and there are many people thinking about to buy one.

Darren said...

As an enterprise tool this device sits very well for our field workers.

Currently I'm developing a pocket pc app for them, but have lamented the high prices of tablets as this would have been an easier option. The umpc fits perfectly between the two - it's not a matter of comparing it to a laptop as in my instance the laptop doesn't suit my purposes.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Darren,

I think most developers will welcome UMPC with open arms. Since you (the developer) have the Windows XP platform to develop UMPC applications for then there's far fewer limitations as experienced with PDA.

The cost, the size and the functionality have almost come to a cross roads where Tablet PC roll outs can occur on mass.

good luck

Anonymous said...


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