Saturday, March 25, 2006

Warner points to real life TabletKiosk UMPC

Watch it on

Last week I was so desperate to try UMPC device that I used Microsoft's UMPC Display Emulator to replicate the device on a regular touch Tablet. This time Warner Crocker points to a video of a 12 yr old girl using a real life TabletKiosk UMPC - very cool!

The girl is Lora Heiney's niece, and the UMPC is soon to be available in Australia! Enjoy the video; a great demonstration of just how intuitive a touch tablet can seem.


Jon said...

Curious choice for a place to send the sample models. I note you have fixed(?) the link for the TK UMPC on your tegatech site.

I for one hope that Samsung & ASUS hurry up with their models as well - imho competition is a good thing for the consumer and the marketplace.

Hugo Ortega said...

Lora Heiny is part of the Tablet PC Evangelist team in Redmond, hence her niece receiving demo...

OEM competition can only translate to one thing -more bang for buck. Stay tuned.