Saturday, March 04, 2006

Uber Tablet Kids Rock!

Tonight we invited good friends of ours, The Lee’s, for dinner. Kevin Lee and I often talk of all things technology and share a symbiotic relationship that encompasses our wives, our kids and a voracious appetite for good literature.

Kevin is the National Software Sales Manager for Tactic Consulting, a company specializing in eLearning Solutions. He has succesfully grown his business opportunities via a strong aptitude for sales and a thorough understanding of his product range. As we wined (Yalumba Merlot from the Barossa Valley, South Australia) and dined on Jamie Oliver's Meatballs (I hope that come out right? LOL) I knew that it wouldn’t be long before the kids needed to take a Tablet.

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When it was time for dessert I decided to take the pulpit and preach Tablet PC. As we sat by the swimming pool on a warm Sydney summer night, I began! The rest of the evening my friend Kevin was charmed by tales of Tablet and servings of InkGestures. Knowing that his firm is focused on eLearning I couldn’t help but showcase ActiveWords running on my favourite Slate PC, and also InkGestures now enabled for PowerPoint.

As Whitney Houston once sang: “I believe that children are the future.” With that being the case I’m focused on converting them to ink from an early age. My goal is for kids to go home and say “Daddy, where’s the pen?”

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