Friday, March 10, 2006

Would I buy Origami?

Trawling through all the Origami (UMPC) news it’s hard to ascertain what it actually is. I found a link within the confines of the Microsoft UMPC site – Partners Information – to this video.

Have a look for yourself and tell me if you’d buy one or not? And why?

Connect and Communicate

Mix Work and Pleasure

Find and Adapt

Play Listen Enjoy


Anonymous said...

Price is king baby.

I am unlikely to buy one at AUD 1600 bucks and I "might" buy one at AUD1000 and I will buy one at AUD750 =).

That ASUS model I like actually.

Hugo Ortega said...

With all due respect anonymous, "get a life!" I hear ya, but going by what you say does that mean that if their $300 AUD you'll take two and if their free you'll take three??

What do you like about the ASUS? And what do you want it to do for you if you spend $1,000 AUD???


SamT said...

Hey Hugo,

I'm buying one, let's see the reasons.

I bought an Apple Newton with keyboard etc. for about USD$1,200, I bought a compaq aero when they first came out with enough software to make it useful and that was just under USD$1,000.

I gave up on the pda form-factor after the aero experience because the size just means you can't write naturally on such a small space.

The size of the Origami's is just the paper-notebook size that actually meets what I'd want in a ultra-mobile thing.

I was waiting for this 3.2Ghz Dell Inspiron to die so I can justify a Lenovo/IBM X41 (anxiously awaiting your review) and it looks like the Origami is going to be a great complement.

The X41 is for the real crunch work, the Origami will be the diary/notebook I'd always wanted.

Sam T.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey SamT,

I remember buying my first notebook, a Toshiba Libretto, for $1,800 AUD in 95. I know that PDA, as you've noted, just at worth the grief to me either. I was on the Cameron Reily show recently and I noted that he"s a big fan of PDA's...I reckon the only fan of PDA's is someone needing the small form factor, but even hose folk would prefer the full power of XP; I'm with you, my Oriami will be my runabout too so lets hope the synchronization software makes it possible. I'd love to sunc with OneNote mostly!

I typed blogged this via the X41: 'really a solid machine' I promise I'll get a review up by mid week coming!

The Miniature Mage said...

I don't think I can do anything to prevent this purchase. I tried to reason with myself, but it was no use. I've started saving up for it.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Mini!

They really do rock...check out my video demo of how it will work:

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