Saturday, July 29, 2006

Vice President of Parent's & Citizen's Duties

I love the last Tuesday of every month. With my duties as Vice President of the Parents and Citizens Association at my son’s School, Balgowlah Heights Public, I always get a chance to expose Tablet PC to a normally unexposed group of people. This week I had to Chair the meeting because our President, and Senior Manager of Macquarie Bank, had called in absent. As I commenced proceedings I couldn’t help but overhear whispers race round the room. It seems that the newcomers had seen my Slate (Sahara Slate – Sydney Morning Herald) and couldn’t help but be in awe.

On several occasions I’ve taken several Tablets into the meeting and been known to hand them out. So if you’re ever in the area on the last Monday of the month and you want to talk Tablet just pop into Balgowlah Heights Public School P&C Meeting…I’ll be there with an artillery of Tablet.

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