Saturday, May 27, 2006

David Wallace reviews Acer C200

If I’d typed a post using a stick shoved in my mouth as the pointing device I’d expect you all to read it; if that same post, written by Lifekludger’s Dave Wallace, is insightful and enlightening, then it should be considered obligatory.

It seems that our favourite wheelchair bound geek is at it again; first with his review of the Sahara Slate PC, and now the Acer C200. Tablet PC Review Spot has run with the article and given Dave the real time-of-day he deserves. If David has a post then it's definitely worth tracking, his dis-ability gives us the ability to gain insight. I’m a big fan of what David brings to the Tablet PC community and a staunch supporter of his commitment to his own progress.

Thank you Dave, you’re a star.

Submitted by Barry J. Doyle on Thursday, May 25, 2006


It was then I found something interesting in the way I was operating the Acer. The lack of trackball/easy way move cursor meant often resorted to keyboard shortcuts that I normally wouldn't do. As moving the cursor with the Trackpoint' device was possible I found it a bit hard on my teeth and would, when possible (that is, in reach) drag stuff on the screen or tap' the screen rather than stretch back to click the mouse button.

Double-click was difficult for the same reasons. So I often found myself doing strange combinations between screen/keyboard, like tap screen'- hit enter key' to open things. And drag screen'- scroll wheel' to move up-down a page. Odd combinations as a work around for not being able to reach everywhere easily -- I was Lifekludging on the Acer.

So the experience reminded me of a definition of accessibility I read from him years ago by Joe Clark which has driven much of what I do -- it goes something like "Accessibility is about accommodating characteristics a person cannot change by providing options". And so I found myself using the options a touch' screen provides to get around accessing the Acer. The screen adds another option for input.

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