Friday, May 12, 2006

Official Blogging complete - for now!

Today I completed my task as Official CeBIT Blogger. The role was extremely fulfilling and a lot of fun. You’ll be pleased to know that as part of my kit of blogging utensils I used a Sahara Slate, a HP TC1100, a Fujitsu T Series and the eo UMPC.

As part of today’s activities I interviewed the Senior Vice President of Hannover Fairs Worldwide; I told him that Tablet PC was my favorite productivity tool in the hope that he might admit to owning one too! He didn’t. But it was fun to shove the question in there. LOL.

I hope you enjoyed the CeBIT Blog and I promise that the UberTablet Blog will return to normal broadcasting right after I catch up with some sleep. I gave the role my absolute all, even though it was unpaid and under resourced, in the hope of giving you a different look at CeBIT affairs.

Stay well and talk to you soon…


Graeme said...

The only problem (this is just in my situation) that with these UMPC's is that I only want to read PDF files or ebooks as you will in bed before I go to sleep. Something like I would want to do like reading a book. Problem is the price and this comes from all the extras e.g. bluetooth, wi-fi, modem, internet connection and so on. I have computers for all the rest, It would be nice to just have a reasonably priced uit to read ebooks.

Hugo Ortega said...

Dear Graeme,

I think what you're after is the "Ultra Bare Ultra Mobile PC." Obviously I'm teasing but seriously I think we can all agree that there needs to be many flavours of this device. If keep blogging, and commenting, about our preferred device then the OEM's will have no choice but to listen.

I'm a little like you, I like to segregate my devices; one for the living room, one for bedtime and I run three in my office. ;-) Lets keep thinking down this path, it's a good one!

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