Saturday, May 13, 2006

Can't help but talk Tablet

As you all know I was involved with the CeBIT Fair just recently. I was helping out one of the stands, as Tablet PC Guy, and also running the CeBIT Blog. Although I could not be too opportunistic, what I could do is be efficient.Allow me to explain.

I love Tablet, & Tablet loves me; As I made my way through The Official Blog duties I managed to squeeze in some valueable Tablet exposure.

Here's some examples:

The greatest moment however was when Australia's Gadget Guy, Peter Blasina, from the Sunrise Show, invited me on stage to talk about the Ultra Mobile PC. Since I was at CeBIT helping out one of the UMPC resellers I decided to take up two other poducts too; a Home Automation device by Superna Systems, and the world's thinnest credit card sized flash memory, Walletex.

Enjoy this video here, or here, or here:


Jon said...

Heheh - David from Wacom, he cringes every time I drop by - I spend a bit of time on their gear every time I get a chance =) I'll send you an image to proove my point.

Hugo Ortega said...

He Seemed like a great guy,

I imagine that with toys like the Wacom range he's probably harassed constantly ;-)

Look forward to the pic mate!