Friday, May 26, 2006

UMPC Next Stop Canberra

In June I've been invited to talk to the "Canberra Windows User Group." For those of you overseas, Canberra is Australia's Capital City, and home to a large group of our politicians. For those of you that are in Australia, yeh, Canberra, oh well, beats going to Adelaide (jokes).

It’s important to note that Microsoft inspired User Groups are an infectious affair with oodles of geeks and bags of gadgets, the Canberra User Group being no different. Since a great chunk of the attendees will be from the Government sector you can always rely on lots of gossip and plenty of tales. If you’re in the area pop-on over and enjoy some Pizza at half time, and more. I have been asked to run two sessions as listed below and for your convenience I have pasted a snipping from our hosts' group-email sent out earlier today.

Canberra Windows User Group - June Meeting Invitation Group runs Tuesday 13th June 2006 Microsoft Canberra Office
Level 2, 44 Sydney Ave Barton
Two Sessions 16:00 – 17:30 and 18:00 – 19:30
Both sessions meet together @ 17:30 for Pizza and refreshments

David Mackie:

"I was hoping that the UMPC was going to make my need to carry a laptop in the truck obsolete but not to be sadly. I need 3G and I also need a phone with no camera of course it needs to run Windows Mobile too, so Bluetooth is not an option.

So I am a really fussy consumer as you can see and I still think I might get a UMPC and hope the second generation Origami will make my Compaq Evo look like this:

This is what I really want PCMCIA socket or a USB 3G Card so I can really leverage mobility solutions that make sense for me this month Hugo Ortega (The Tablet Guy) will be in town taking about tablet PCs and mobility in general, he will have a UMPC with him so you can get a look at one up close.

I am sure that this will be an informative and very worth while session and we can continue the theme forward with mobility sessions in the Infrastructure optimization of the fictitious company now renamed to HappyTime again so we can protect the innocent. We can help
make their infrastructure fly as the weeks go on."


Anonymous said...

Watchit Hugo. Canberra/Adelaide.....some nice people live in Adelaide :) Too many politicians in Canberra.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Dave,

Both Adelaide and Canberra mean a lot to me - Adelaide is the home of my Sister-in-law, and my favourite Barossa valley - the comment is a bit of fun!!! LOL

Have a great day man...