Saturday, May 20, 2006

More Tablet PC Videos I like

As you all know I'm a big fan of; surfing around I found a newly launched set of videos regarding Tablet PC. I really think that Tablet PC remains untapped in several markets but none more than the Realty Vertical. Look here as VREO takes us through some new videos describing Tablet PC and their environment.

The only peculiarity was the use of images to talk about Ultra Mobile PC (Origami), poor guys at VREO must have missed out on the first allocations of product. )-:

Watch here, here, or here:

Tablet PCs vs. Laptops

Dashboard vs. Journal Demo

PS. Vreo, if you need my assistance in the Australia/New Zealand Market I'll be more than happy to oblige.

Did you see GottaBeMobile's RoB Bushways great P1510 review? Watch here, or here!


Rob Bushway said...

Thanks, Hugo

Hugo Ortega said...

pleasure rob, I found it to be very thorough and I really liked the new information on touhscreen sensitivities.

great work!