Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Australian sees Ultra Mobile PCs

Finally the newspapers and mainstream media have jumped on the UMPC bandwagon, albeit way after the blogosphere has been reporting of its progress!!! This time it's "The Australian" newspaper with its rendition of a UMPC wrap-up, or better yet, introduction. The author Ian Cuthbertson seems quite enamored by the products and is one of the lucky few to have had both the Samsung Q1 and the Tablet Kiosk EO grace his presence.

I sent Ian the EO after issuing strict instructions: "same-day delivery to you; and same-day delivery back to me." He obliged and subsequently did a rather nice job of the article. I’m not only praising the fact that he understood the product and its intentions, but more so that he used all his resources to get the job done, i.e. intelligence, open-mindedness and most importantly both the products. It was Ian’s boss, Stuart Kennedy, Editor of IT for The Australian, that came to my home on a very rainy Friday morning to pickup the device. We spent several minutes together as he probed and pried into the life and times of UMPC; as he rode off on his motorbike in the rain I could only pray for EO’s safe return – being that it was the only working Ultra mobile PC in the ANZ marketplace.

The one issue that has given me the sh!ts more than anything else recently is journalists that are scathing towards UMPC without having ever lay eyes, or fingers for that matter, on one.

Read here as Ian takes us on an Ultra Mobile stroll through Tablet stardom.


The almighty midget
Ian Cuthbertson
MAY 16, 2006

“Early adopters will be keen to dive on in, but if UMPCs are to become as ubiquitous as mobile phones, prices are sure to tumble fairly quickly, perhaps to below $1000 by Christmas.
So this cute little item could easily wind up being the next big thing.”


"So the fi rst UMPCs in Australia will be the Samsung Q1 and the TabletKiosk eo, both expected next month. The Samsung seems to be better built, but the TabletKiosk will probably be cheaper.

Early adopters, start your engines. "

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