Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hugo Ortega to have a CeBIT affair

I mentioned a few blogposts ago that CeBIT Fairs and I are slowly getting acquainted. This evening it's with much excitement that I can announce my involvement with the Fair.

Recently one of the CeBIT Organisers based in Australia gave me a call and thanked me for being so effective in the Aussie Blog space. They went on to quote some of their favourite posts and talked at length about the videos I'd published. As I felt a little sheepish and definitely humbled I still failed to predict what was coming next.

“We want you to write the Official Blog for CeBIT Australia,” he exclaimed! Once I picked myself up off the floor I peered at the handset and realised that perhaps someone was still on the phone! Wow, I said I’d be honoured.

I always promised to notify you first of any new developments in my space, this time being no different. The URL for the CeBIT Australia blog is:, and the first few posts are now live. I hope that you might consider telling everyone you know and help me garner attention to what is our industries most followed showcase - the CeBIT Showcase.

Obviously with my love for the "ink" you can only expect some Uberly Passionate Tablet PC posts. Motion Computing is at CeBIT, and I hear that the Tablet Kiosk EO (Ultra Mobile PC) is too!!!

Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for doing all you can to point people to The Official CeBIT Australia Blog. For me, as an unpaid volunteer, the Official Blog presents a big challenge; it's a playground, and a project all rolled in one. If you thought I was creative with my posts so far, stay tuned because someone at head office just handed me a AAA (Access All Areas) Media Pass - watch out, Monkey with a Gun on the loose!

Hugo Ortega writes Official CeBIT Australia Blog

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