Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Origami Unfolds at CeBIT Again

Today I spent the day at Day-One, Cebit Australia. It was a real blast and always too short for me. I ran around and completed my mediacasting duties, as the Official CeBIT Blogger, and managed to catch up with many familiar faces. You can see all the latest antics from the fair at! BTW, in an effort to help Roger Lawrence I've named all the CeBIT podcasts, "mediacasts." (SWMUG joke, you had to be there)

As you all know I have my Origami (I can call it that as the User Manual tells me that this is the name). Today I took it into the CeBIT Australia Fair and sat it at the G Innovations stand. I've blogged about my experience here.

The amazing thing is that there is no lack of interest from the device; from major corporations to SME's, they’re all crying out for mobility. Is the UMPC mobile? Yes! But it’s so much more than that. With it’s four dimensional input panel, i.e. Touch, Pen, Joystick and Jogdial, the UMPC can adjust to many environments.

You'll need to forgive me but it's very late here and I need to sleep! I’m going to be blunt about this...Origami is a workhorse. Give it ONE task to do, and it will out perform anything else. Consider this; if you buy a workhorse and expect him to run races and prance too, then you're deluding yourself. A workhorse is designed to perform one task, and perform it well. Just ask Tablet Kiosk! Most of their sales come from major enterprises, not mums and dads. Enterprises don't need one device to do everything; they need one device to do one thing... a work horse!

I think the UMPC device is here to stay and will sell in the thousands. FULL STOP, PERIOD!

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