Monday, October 16, 2006

Microsoft banks on Vista, and so will I

Reading through the blog of Mr. Frank Arrigo today I picked up on an Article that was pushed onto the internet on October 10th (Microsoft banks on Vista). The article was written by columnist Adam Turner and is focused on the readiness of Vista in the workplace; and I must say it is executed very well. (Adam and I have met on several Melbourne trips)

I liked the feel of the article as it focused on key characters on the Microsoft Australia team, and their own Vista Intentions. This was a good tactic on Adam’s behalf as Vista readiness is still considered somewhat of a myth. Since the operating system has witnessed repeated delays, and subsequent bad press, I thought it was very interesting to hear of Vista tales coming from deep within the inner circles of Microsoft.

Microsoft MVP, Mitch Denny, gets a Readify word in by talking highly of living on the bleeding edge. He felt that being ahead of his clients is almost common sense, and not as some would see it, risk taking. Great photo Mitch! (I helped Mitch buy his Fujitsu T4210)

Then the Frank Arrigo had a say by putting a Vista emphasis back on Developers; feeling that developers need to know just what the Vista beast will do if they ever are to tame it. (Frank is Australia’s head of developer platform group). (We had fun at TechEd recently together).

Adam Cogan, a Microsoft Regional Director, got his say in by exclaiming that the Vista experience was now “good” and therefore his company SSW had to commence their own internal tests because clients were beginning to ask for feedback. (Adam and I had a really nice geek breakfast a few months’ back).

Even one of Australia’s leading banks, Westpac, has become part of the Vista vista by conducting their own internal tests of the operating system. With a desktop fleet of over 27,000 the bank is playing a small role currently via a test environment of 30 PCs.

What I learnt most from the article was that Vista had turned over to a new era of computing. It had moved into the phase of adoptable, as opposed to what it had been, mistakable.

My 2.5” SATA drive arrived and I’m going to finally get Vista on my T4210 – I’ll be sure to let you know how I go. I know Jeffa will be happy as our little attempt at the Microsoft Office (physical North Ryde Office, not Microsoft Office office) went a little pear shaped recently, we did end up have a great lunch though, but no Vista that day.


Samiuela LV Taufa said...

Hey Hugo,

Just a note that WestPac Bank's URL is (not

Great to hear that Vista's features are inspiring enough for the bank to seriously review/test install. I know one of their branches just recently migrated to Windows XP (i.e. June 2006) which probably has something more to do with End of Life support for Win2000. Definitely from an administration point of view Vista is probably a BIG advantage for network administrators, CIOs.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Samiuela,

I've fixed the link. And you're right about the XP rollouts in banks, they relate to the death of Win2k more than anything else. Banks want to adopt but they remain conservative becasue of the "if it ain't broke" mentality, and they beurocracy involved in avoiding any sudden changes.

I think vista is a compelling sell for many organisations and will be embraced worlwide very quickly.

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