Friday, October 06, 2006

Dr. Neil's Notes and UberTablet Guy

Last night I was with my friend Dr. Neil Roodyn. Given that he was a Tablet MVP, now MVP for Windows Live Development, he and I decided to rip a podcast (please don't sue me Apple).

Now one thing you need to understand about Neil and I is that we both love public speaking (weird I know) and we're both considered to be volume challenged (i.e. loud).

So if you're game, or just plain willing to listen in on a couple of geeks have a mobile tech chat, hop on over to Dr. Neil's Notes show #21:

Welcome to Show 21
  • Welcome back special guest Hugo "UberTablet" Ortega
  • Hugo is a Tablet PC MVP
  • Dr. Neil is now a Windows Live Developer MVP
  • Touchscreen tablet for a 3 year old with cerebral palsy
  • Redmond - what has Dr. Neil been doing there?
  • Where is my UMPC pod blaster?
  • This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with Castblaster


Gabriel Gonzalez said...

Worth listening mates!

Hugo Ortega said...

hey thanks Gab, have a great weekend...

Matt Propst said...

Great talk! Definitly worth the time to listen to the whole lot of it :-D

Be sure to keep us up to date on that kid you helped outfit with a tablet.

Hugo Ortega said...

Thank you Matt for the vote of confidence. In regards to the child, Rohan, I will absolutely keep you posted.

If anyone is interested you can read Rohan's Story here.