Friday, October 13, 2006

South Australia sees first Ultra Mobile PC

One thing I am an absolute sucker for is "enthusiasm," or for fans of Anthony Robbins, I'm talking "passion!" With the permission of the sender I am publishing an email I received today (rather unsolicited) from a new UMPC owner.

I thought it was really creepy cool and showed just how transformational your first UMPC experience might actually be. For those of you that own an Ultra Mobile PC I apologies for preaching to the choir; but for those that don’t, this is perhaps an indication of what you might be install for.

The original email:

Hi Hugo

Today is a big day for me, because i just recived my new eo7110 (white)!!!
This is the best pc ever, and I thank you for bringing these to Australia.
there is a bit of learning involved (with the touch screen) but im loving it.

Greg swift told me that this is the first one sold in SA. I like that,and i will be showing many people about the wonders of umpc's

here are two pics, 1) me and Greg in a cafe (where it all
happend) 2) my sister with 'her' new pc, on the way home...

i have decided to call my new eo 'hugo' because it is because of you that we have the eo is Australia! (hope this is ok)

well must carry on playing (um working)

Thanks again,
Jordan Weier

ps, this email comes from the eo...

As JK says, “I love what I do!”


tecnoCOP said...

Oh boy... why don't you come to BRAZIL?! :-D I would love to put my hands in one of these tablet pcs!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi tecnocop,

Do you want me in Brazil, the device, or both? I can do either/neither! LOL...

Brazil must have someone stocking this stuff surely - maybe Gabriel Gonzales can help us??? Gab???

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

I have not a clue honestly! Spain is quite far from Brazil!

But I guess tecnocop can order from .pt or any English-speaking country, don't you?

Aviruth said...

Hey there Huog lad, how are ya? I was reading Gizmodo and it says that Fujitsu is joining the UMPC market soon! Is this true?

tablettoe said...

Hugo, it is my understanding that Microsoft is designing a form factor that includes an active digitizer. They are testing the Finepoint digitizer and batteryless pen as it can be reduced in size in a way that Wacom cannot. Also, they can get the bill of goods down to $25. Have you looked into what they will do with this functionality?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hola Gabi!

I don't know why but I assumed you were in Portungal - sorry! Spain is to far fro you to know anything about Brazil. If you hear anything let me know.But you are right, and english speaking country will help for sure.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth,

I can't say that I know officially although it does surprise me to hear you say this.I know the Fuji team very well and they trust me a great deal (they gave me the world's first look at the P1610). This however doesn't mean that some team that I don't know isn't working on the UMPC.

Let me flick around some emails and see if I can get an "official answer for ya!

Here's what Gizmodo said: Fujitsu UMPC

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Tablettoe!

Between you and I, and a couple of thousand readers, the Active Digitizer concept is easy to explain, and in fact it ties in quite nicely to Vista...

In the future every notebook sold will be a Tablet! Big call I know but it goes like this - the Tablet concept will go away from being a single SKU and it will move into becoming integigrated out of the Vista box no matter what it is installed on, i.e. all Noteboks/Desktops will sport Tablet features, as opposed to only being installed on dedicated Tablets.

To give you an indication of what I mean look at Wacom's latest USB board,it has Vista drivers and integrates with OnenOte and Journal quite nicely. So in summation what I'm saying is Wacom, and othe Active Digitizer vendors, will be looking at supplying these boards in everything...

Anonymous said...

Hi all...I got few question regarding this product...

-is the best UMPC on the market?

-How does photoshop run on it?

-Can it play flash movies/games?

-Can it run MAME,ZSnes,visualboy advance, or other emulator?

-Can it run dos application?

-Can it run pc game such as warcraft 2?

Gabriel Gonzalez said...

It is just a PC so it should :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

As Gabriel so eloquently put it "It is just a PC so it should :)"

In a few more words let me explain:

UMPC as it currently ships runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005, which is actually Windows XP Professional with some Tablet stuff on the side. What is the general feel out there is that anything that runs on XP Pro will therefore run on Ultra Mobile PC.

As far as the best UMPC there is no straight answer for this. It really is a question of which UMPC for which application. For Tablet features it’s still the Tablet Kiosk V7110; for Touch Screen experience and multimedia experience it’s by far the Samsung Q1; for desktop replacement its by far the EO i7210 with its 2MB of L2 Cache on the Pentium M processor. The ASUS R2H seems to have everyone enamored for the road warrior that loves GPS features. I think for the orientation of your questions I would have to suggest the i7210, but let me know.

Hope this all helps – btw, UMPC is a good workhorse, i.e. they run (in their current configurations) one task reallt well. Only the i7210 has a chance at running some of the applications you metioned, otherwise they will all run what you’re describing, but just make sure you don’t try and run them all at once as you would on a desktop.

Anonymous said...

What retailer can you buy UMPC's in australia?

Hugo Ortega said...

For Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) and Tablet PC Resellers in Australia look here.

Anonymous said...

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