Friday, October 27, 2006

Jordan and Hugo up to mischief in MAC shop

Recently I blogged about Jordan, a student that held me completely responsible for the Ultra Mobile PC being in Australia – so much so that he called his EO…hugo!

Today I received an update and I just think it’s so novel of him that I had to post it (with his permission). I’m a sucker for enthusiasm and boy does this kid sport tones of it. He’s now boasting about a new carry bag that EO hugo is running around town in.

hie email:

Hi Hugo,

Just felt like saying hi and telling what me and my Hugo have been upto. I'v been showing anyone who will listen about the new UMPC's coming into Australia and they all love them!

I just showed two good mates of mine about Hugo and they loved it. Do you know who is the distributor in Qld or Nsw? If you could email me there email addresses so that I can pass them on and hopefully get some more UMPC's out there!

I have been looking for a new home for my eo (Hugo) because the little yellow bag that came with him just isn't cutting it anymore... Anyway I found a great place that sells some great bags for just about anything called Crumpler (crumpler) and Hugo fits great!

have a look at the pics attached...

Ill have to keep you posted on what we get up to as time goes on.
We went around to a few computer shops in Adelaide yesterday and there is alot of interested out there about UMPC's. I went into a Apple Mac shop and even they thought the platform was great! (apart from win XP...)

Well have a great weekend,

all the best,

By the way - and in case you're interested - this is my 200th post..."Hi, my name is Hugo...and I'm a blogger." Uh? Houston? Over? Do you copy?


Kelvin Yong said...

The Crumpler bag looks good, are you able to ask Jordan what exact model of that bag he has got?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Kelvin,

I will do...


Jordan said...

Hi Kelvin,

the bag is the DIGIT Sporty Guy 2.8
made buy crumpler. it was desing originaly for a camera, but fits hugo great ;)
they make some other bage that also fit a umpc wich is great.


Hugo Ortega said...

hi Guys

My blogger is eating all you comments - can you tell me if any of you are experiencing this???

Kelvin Yong said...

Hey Hugo, my comment is still here. However it is now 4 comments but yet the frontpage still showing 2 comments.

Jordan/Hugo, are v7110 and i7210 similar size? Crumpler's Digit Sporty Guy 2.8 looks good. Jordan will you please be kind enough to do a modelling of showing how big the bag is when carrying it.

Maybe Hugo can "joint-venture" with Crumpler to package a selling-point of using crumpler as Umpc carry-bag! :-D

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Kelvin,

They're both the same size (pretty much) although the crumpler bag looks as though it has enough give for either.

Looks like blogger stopped eating comments - it's full now! LOL

Jordan said...

I'll get some pics up to day.

jordan said...

hmm my websever doesnt seem to be doing it today, ill try again tomorrow...

untill then.

the bad has a long revomable shoulder strap (which is ajustable) it also has a zip pocket at the front for anything (like memory cards..) there is also a belt loop for your belt (it's a bit big to fit on a belt nicely) has a nicofiber lining aswell. and bes of all it aint heavy at all.


Kelvin Yong said...

Thanks Jordan,

Sounds like a good bag. You mentioned the belt loop, is it velcro belt loop or do you have to undo your belt to take it out or put it in?

Looking forward to more photos of the bag's construction.

jordan said...

Hi Kelvin

all of the loops are velcro on this bag.

Here are some pics of me (dont laugh) and the bag in action....



sorry about the pics... but the bag is comfy to carry.


jordan said...

if you cant see the adresss right blogger cut the end's off for me...



Kelvin Yong said...

Cheers Jordan! Bag looks good. Doesn't look as big as I thought it would be from the measurement from Crumpler's site.

Awesome, I will consider getting one when I receive my UMPC from Hugo (I wonder how soon it will arrive in NZ?). I currently carry a Kathmandu's light travel bag, but am unsure whether UMPC will fit in it or not though.

Jordan said...

have fun where you get your umpc!
hope it comes Soon.

have fun

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