Sunday, February 26, 2006

Manly Breakfast, best when surrounded by Geeks!

This morning my wife and I, with Son Leon Ortega in hand, had breakfast with the Gang. There was Dr. Neil Roodyn with his partner Kris, and Adam Cogan with wife Anastasia and their two adorable daughters, Luke Burton (Apple Employee) and fiancĂ©e Kathy, and lastly but most uniquely was Billy Hollis (Billy's Books) – in Australia, from Tennessee, as part of the Patterns and Practices Summit held in Sydney.

It was Adam’s daughters, Eve and Ruby, which kicked up a storm with my son Leon commandeering the Manly Beach play gym with a real definiteness of purpose. It wasn't long before the girls (all our partners) joined in too. The king of the "twirly whirly" (or whatever they call it) was Billy Hollis!

Obviously, with such brain power on the beach it wasn’t long before I was preaching Tablet to Adam Cogan, we all started bragging about Google rankings and moved onto bees making honey (Adam explained, “they have two stomachs”) and the fact that Polar Bears aren’t white (Hugo pointed out, “they’re black, with translucent fur.”)

Adam Cogan, Hugo Ortega and Leon Ortega

All in all a great morning!