Friday, October 27, 2006

Tablet PC Surgery (Video)

A friend of mine phoned recently – rather sheepishly – proclaiming that he’d dropped his slate and cracked the screen. Oops! That’s the phone call you don’t wanna get. So a few emails, some serial numbers, and a touch screen later, here we are with another session of UberTablet Surgery. The slate is the TabletKiosk Sahara i215, and the gloves are genuine latex baby!

Rather than handing it to someone else I thought it might be a good opportunity to let you into the inner workings of a modern slate PC. Not only will you get to know the intestines, but you may learn a thing or two about just how much glass walks around with you on a daily basis.

Because you want it – here it is:

Download Hi-Res Video - right click & "Save as"

My last pictorial of UberTablet Surgery was this episode of BIOS PHLASH


Steven said...

Nice video, Hugo. How painful is it to edit and put these videos together. I teach, and I am considering making a video for students who miss class, or for possible distance learning, so I am wondering about camera/software/headache...

Glad you were able to hang on the tablet. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven,

Nice to hear from you. The fact is that if anyone one of my readers knew just how much effort goes into making these videos they would probably respect me a whole lot more (than they already do…which is a lot…love you huys!).

I can highly recommend doing videos for tutorials - the magic, to me is..."make it look easy!"

Headache factor is actually disappearing the more I do the videos. My sponsor gave me a new HDD based JVC camera that has transformed the process. Now that I plug a USB cable and work in digital format off-the-bat means that my editing time is down to 6% of what it used to be - literally. After that the biggest gripe I have had is software. There is no magic software to edit nice videos and do everything required. My favorites (in a very particular order) are: Windows Movie Maker, Cyberlink PowerDirector v5.0 Premium and Camtasia Studio v4.0 (the later two mostly becasue they support PIP). I actually use all three to complete one video - that's a whole other blog post!

Let me know how I can assist you on this subject, I've got it down to an art form now. If the truth be told, from recording to uploading I am down to a 4 or 5 hour turnaround.

Anonymous said...

What a shame no one has run you through the basics of electostatic discharge and field effects. That poor memory module will probably never be 100% again. Hopefully for the owner you might have been lucky. I wish everyone would take the time to learn that putting PCs back together is not just like basic car mechanics!

Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks Anonymous,

And not doubt your knowledge coupled with my enthusiasm will make the next surgery a whole lot better. I've never advocated myself as "Mr. Right," but I would suggest that the effectiveness of the video (given that it isn't a tutuorial) lies in exposure, i.e. getting messages of Tablet awareness broadcast.

I'm sure OH&S would have love my use of bare fuingers to remove broken glass.

thanks for popping by.

Steven said...

Keep it up with the videos. I have not tried to work with video specifically because of the daunting task of editing, converting to digital,... I just saw it as a major problem, not something I had the time for the learning curve. Don't think I (we) underappreciate the videos. I thanked you for the Vega late niter, and I am always impressed with your shows. Keep it, mate, as you say.
Movie Maker looks pretty cool and easy to start on. Thanks for the idea. I'll have to email you privately to get more info and continue this discussion.
Any more news on the P1610?
Oh yeah, and at least put a box of bandages on your work area so folks can really think you're stupid. :) Tablet exposure was not lost on me, but I was waiting for you to slice your finger.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven,

Let’s do the conversation offline regarding videos however for anyone else interested I will post the results one day down the line as I believe it to be a pertinent subject to many.

Thanks for your encouragement with the videos. I still remain highly enthusiastic about them and believe them to hold lots of merit. As proved however the mistakes that occur become very visible to all. All I need to do (which I do) is keep my ego in check and play it honest. Very little editing occurs with my videos as far as chopping out stuff is concerned - that way everyone sees the real me.

P1610 info is a little scarce but I will keep you posted.