Monday, October 09, 2006

Hugo Ortega and UMPC Basics: video

Warning: behemoth download

Important as it is to talk to the bleeding edge community – all twelve of you – today’s video is designed to slow down the current exposure we all have to Ultra Mobile PC. At the moment I’m not particularly content with “moving on” to phase two, or three, just yet; so in keeping with this theme I've prepared a 16:9 extravaganza dubbed, UMPC: An out-of-the-box experience.

By “out of the box” I mean software. The video is dedicated to the software experience obtained by the standard features shipped inside a UMPC. I felt this video was important given that only a couple of thousand people worldwide are currently UMPC owners, which means most of you have not even seen or touched these devices. To best translate the UMPC experience I have run the screencasts on an Ultra Mobile PC, uploaded the images using a 16:9 ratio and stayed true to the native resolution of 800x480. Hopefully this is about as close as you'll get to a real device.

If you’re bleeding edge I’m afraid you’ll need to grab some elastoplast (band aids) and lick your wounds for a while. If you’re Mr. and Mrs. Corporation and still don’t know if the hype actually translates to a true productivity increase then sit back [21 minutes] and watch Hugo Ortega (Microsoft MVP) in this edition of UMPC: An Out of the box Experience!

Disclaimer: While I try and remain multicultural in my presentations sometimes thing just don't come out right [my American friends will think that using a rubber on a Journal page is a little "interesting," but that's what we call erasers Downunder.]

Show Notes:

  • Intro
  • Navigation: Program Launcher
  • Data Entry: Tablet Input Panel (TIP)
  • Ink Notes: Journal
  • Adding depth to your notes: Virtual Printers
  • Disseminating Information: Snipping Tool
  • Fun: Sudoku
  • Close

View the video here:


Gordon said...

The video was a great idea! I'm on holiday right now and ready to pass out but I'm looking forward to watching this tomorrow morning!

James Kendrick said...

Hugo, the videos won't play on my Samsung Q1, the embedded player does nothing when I click on the videos. Also, the video resolution seems to be much larger than will play on a UMPC. I realise you are aiming these videos at the non-UMPC owner but it would be cool to view on a UMPC itself. I look forward to seeing the videos if I can get them to play.

Cheers from up over.

Matt Propst said...

Ok, bleeding edge...

I cancelled my R2H preorder because i'm sick of waiting for a release date and ordered the Q1b which should be in my hands in about 10-12 days.

Geez, I'm making it sound as if bleeding edge is cool?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Gordon!

You poor bugger, I don't envy your headache in the morning, hope its a good holiday. :-)

Hugo Ortega said...

Oh James, the irony; A video I've designed for everyone that doesn't already own a UMPC, won't actually play on a UMPC!

Try again now mate, I think I won the battle over Windows Movie Maker this time!

Hi Matt,

Got your email and will respond when I get 3 secs spare. It's a shame that ASUS has lost that sale but I think between the Q1B and the R2H you're really not going to regret anything - they both rock!

Sounds like you're one of the twelve I mentioned...LOL.

Kelvin Yong said...

Great video! I am hovering to get eo i7210 in the coming weeks. And this video gave me an in-depth decision that UMPC will suite my daily usage from daily commuting to work and the lazy moment in bed without wanting a laptop sitting on my lap (ironic eh?)

Chippy said...

Nice videos Hugo. Slick.

The WMV files stream OK for me (i7210.)



Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Kelvin,

That's awesome, just to let you know it's comments like these that make the whole thing worth while - cheers mate.

Hey Chippy!

Thank you mate; and to think it's one man one camera, one tripod and Windows Movie Maker!

BTW the file did get "detuned" slightly as it wasn't streaming for anyone earlier.

Have a beer on me mate!

Dr. Neil said...

I wondered what that email was all about.
Superb work Hugo

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Neil,

You've cracked me up mate! I forgot to tell you that it was part of a show, and not information I really thought was relevant to your day...LOL

Anonymous said...

Hugo, your doing a great job of informing us, Thanks! Im curious if you are planning on doing a Asus R2H review anytime soon. I have been debating on whether I am going to purchase a Asus R2H or a Fujitsu p1610, it seems as though you get more bang for your buck with the Asus. The more information I have the better choice I can make.

Thanks again,

Jon Harrison
El Paso, Texas USA

Anonymous said...

Hello Hugo, i enjoyed watching your video on my R2H, it looked very nice.

Aviruth said...

Thank you Hugo :)

Anonymous said...

Hey there Hugo, great video,thank you very much.I keep learning lots and lots of things from you.I've got a question, on my r2h,I havn't got the 'snipping tool' that was illustrated.Have you got any suggestions for this? Is it downloadable from the MSN site?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Jon,

Nice to hear from you sir. In regards to the P1610 vs. the ASUS R2H I'm afraid I am still only half way through the story as an R2H has yet to become available in Australia. I have been promised the look at one and will post very soon after ;-)

If you remain a little patient and I will probaly get this done in the next few weeks. Thanks for the enthusiasm and support...

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Henri,

JK watched it on his Q1B, Chippy watched it on his i7210, and you on the R2H - what's going on!!! It was designed for people that don't own a UMPC! LOL :-)

thanks for the enthusiasm and support (do you like the R2H? What sucks about it?)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Dion,

Nice to see you back here!

I'm afraid the Sony device is NOT an Ultra Mobile PC by way of the Origami Project speciafications. Having said that it is a Really Mobile PC (RMPC), damn these monikers!

I recently spent a little time with the device myself and found it to be really enjoyable and sticky. With youe extra battery goodness you should get a lot of fun out of the device. The inking stuff on it "out of the box" is actually quite functional too, even though it's not officially a Tablet PC.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth,

Thank you for your supoprt, feedback and comment. Togethr we're stronger than apart!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

I thouhgt your comment was very intersting as I assumed that the R2H had to have the tool. Maybe I'm wrong, or maybe the OEM specs for Origami have changed. If someone form ASUS could get back to me on this then that would be great.

As far as the snipping tool goes it is very downloadable from Microsoft. It is part of the Microsoft Experience Pack for Tablet PC.

Great questions, and hope this helps.

aviruth said...

Hey hugo,hope you are well, the anonymous question was me too (hehehe,don't know why though).I have tried downloading from the site you suggested. However, it doesn't seem to work. There is, however, another program on the R2H called 'asus-infopen', which looks very similar to the one you you have any information on this?take care:)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth (anonymous),

I'm interested in what happened when you downloaded the experience pack - did it install, or did you not even get through that? If it doesn't work I'd like to ask the Tablet Team in Redmond to look into it.

Your feedback would be great.

Gordon said...


No no, no headaches. I'm in Savannah Georgia (about a 15hr drive from my home town) sipping drinks, strolling the town and relaxing. I haven't managed to work up the courage to do anything headache inducing.

PS: Great videos! I just had a chance to watch them from the sunk in jacuzzi tub in the hotel. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon.

You and I are living "la vida loca! I just ripped a podcast with Dr. Neil, had lunch at the beach and am now replying to your comment from my favorite Cafe.

Does anyone work any more?

Pc_Madness said...

Hey Hugo..

It kinda looks like you have to jump through hoops to do Handwriting to Text.

Is it possible to write a Word document quickly without having to spend forever editor your typos? (ie when taking lecture notes. :))

Aviruth said...

Hey there Hugo,
How are ya?I downloaded it, and clicked install.However, when i click programs and chose it, it just lists the different software included in the experience pack but notifies me in the bracket behind the name of each software that they are not installed.I have tried installing it again twice but ended up with the same result.So i tried something else and I opened the 'asus-infopen' up and it has got many features that is so similar but i don't really know how to use it hehehe(I am bad at computers,but learning and moving in the right direction (I hope haha), thanks to you and Chippy).In your view, do you think there is a clash of some sort that is not letting me install the application the right way?Thank you :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey PC-madness!,

I'm afraid the hoops are part of the entire circus. The short answer to your query is the use of hand written input only into a decument as in my example with "Journal." Then you could transcribe to text later using the "lasoo" tool; although the accuracy would be not as accurate as it is using the TIP.

One of the compelling features about Vista is that the TIP can be slightly programmed, i.e. you can hard code some of the ltters that the TIP always seems to get wrong. That means that your accuracy on "l's" and "R's" would be much higher for example.

Hope this helps with your reasoning.

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Averuth,

I cannot see why this would be an issue; today I even brought it up with one of the world's leading developer's, Dr. Neil, on a podcast we ripped!

Let me see what I can find out and get back to you all on this.

Aviruth said...

Thank you :)

Gordon said...


Work? Bah...Heh. I'm on a two week holiday roadtrip. I almost feel like a European (we're not using to taking more than a week).

A tablet or UMPC would be nice. I have my 14" T60p in my lap most of the trip with Streets and Trips 2006 w/ a Bluetooth GPS receiver.

Jon Harrison said...

Hugo, with any of these devices is there any Voice recognition for input?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon,

You enjoy your European Vacation and make sure you don't "geek and Drive," keep th laptop off you while you're behind the wheel.

I can't imagine life without a UMPC or Tablet - I don't know how you do it. Sorry!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Jon,

Windows XP supports Voice Recognition but I think most of us know this is not hugely successful. A friend of mine did a nice screencast featuring Vista Voice bits...worth checking out.

Aviruth said...

Hey Hugo,
I have repeatedly tried to download the experience pack but havn't had any luck at all :(.I think the problem lies in the fact that i don't actually get the full thingi downloaded or something.When i try opening it from the start button,i onlt get 'explore the experience pack' as the only thing that could be opened up but nothing else.Any idea why this is the case?Take care::)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth,

I am working on it for you - I've asked some people on the Tablet Team in Redmond so I'm just waiting for a response.

I'd like to keep working through this as it would be useful for others - especially when you consider Australia and North America will probably get the R2H soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :)

Gordon said...


Oh it won't be too long. A UMPC is still on my lust list for next year. I think I'm going to wait a generation or so until they start coming out pre-installed with Vista. I just recently switched back from being a Mac user for most of my home productivity. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon,

You know I was only teasing. It will come as a shock to some of you (although it shouldn't) but I own a dual-processor G5 Apple Mac also. The fact remains the there is still is a happy please for all these devices...but life without a Tablet.....can't see it! Let me know what you end up getting,I can't wait to hear your story.

Aviruth said...

Hey there Hugo, hope you are having a great weekend.I have tried installing only the snipping tool which i found on some origami website, however, it is not working as usual.Just thought i should mention it as i think there is something weird going on (first i was trying to justify it not working with the fact that i am quite stupid when it comes to computers, but now i think that is not true hehehe).Take care

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth,

I've notified the folks in Redmond and will let you know how I go. It still does not make sense as the snipping tool is an .exe that should run on anything with a Tablet OS. Thanks for taking your time out to play with this on allour behalf. I'll work on it on my side.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Aviruth,

I got you an answer regarding The Snipping Tool and your R2H - over here!

Hope I have assisted - keep us posted.

WizardList said...

Hi Hugo,
Can't find any other way to contact you... I am in Japan at the moment and failing to find any Samsung dealers (it seems to be a bad word around here!). I'm interested in getting the power pack (9hr battery) and the USB DVD drive for the Q1... however, I see that Lacie do a USB DVD or just CD drive, and I wondered what would persuade me to go with the Samsung drive against the Lacie drive... I just want to be able to rip CDs or DVDs to the Q1, not really into backing up onto DVDs.
Thanks again for your enthusiasm and great input to this new format. JG.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi JG,

This is the right way to cntact problem.

Samsung DVD RW it blows the LaCIE out of the water. We have both in the house and the major differences is that the USB cable (and a USB power cable) need to be plugged into the LaCIE drive while the Samsung has the cables nicely integrated into one cable and the cable tucks vey neatly into the bottom of the drive, making it more versatile for travel.

If you want to buy thesed accessories I am sure I can get Tegatech Australia to ship the Samsung Q1 DVD RW and Samsung Q1 PowerBank to Japan for you without a problem. Let me know.

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