Monday, April 30, 2007

Hosting the BloggerZone Breakfast

My first duty in the morning is to launch the Official BloggerZone lounge at CeBIT Australia 2007. I'll be meeting a group of 25 bloggers for pastries and coffee while accompanied by my OQO 02! (I had to mention it again).

I just want to apologies in advance as I will not be able to answer your many queries regarding the OQO 02 for a couple of days but please keep the comments coming! I will keep my promise and answer each and every comment individually (as usual). In the mean time be sure to visit for videos n' stuff.

Stay well!

[Wednesday is my big day on stage]


propstm said...

Considering I'm willing to say you will be possibly the only "Ultra mobile" blogger at the event, do you think the OQO O2 will give you the upper hand?

Robert said...

Greetings Hugo:

Now that you are using the OQO Model 2, which has a display screen of 5 inches. Does this mean that Mobile Internet Devices will be more popular than UMPC's in the near future.
I will use your VideoBlog on my MID blog site.

Regards Robert

Elo said...

WOW! The OQO2 IS much nicer than I thought once you see it! There has been other videos but somehow, you show it in better light!

I'm excited that you get to use one as your primary device! That is certainly a premiere in the blog space.

When you get the chance, I'd like to know how the thumbs typing and the active digitizer are working out for you! I believe it is the only UMPC with active digitizing which is truly fantastic!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matt,

Being an Ultra Mobile Blogger was a great thing. The reality however was that I was really Vlogging this year at CeBIT and not so much Blogging. My OQO 02 allowed me to run my business from the CeBIT Floor while inbetween takes - and for that I am eternally greatful!

The only Upper Hand I had was being able to pay the bills while enjoying myself at CeBIT! ;-)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Robert,

I believe the OQO 02 is not really a MID. It is a Mobile PC. The MIDs, while sporting similar sized screens, I believe will not have the same functionality.

I don't know if this answered your question but I sure think MIDs will have a future.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo!

The thumb based keyboard has taken some time to get used to. My thumbs were a little tired by the end of the show but I can admit that overall the increase in productivity was massive.

The OQO is in fact the only UMPC with an Active Digitizer and for this I am eternally greatful. It is the best UMPC inking experience and is worth considering is replacing a Pen and Paper is your goal!

Life is really more mobile than ever now.

Anonymous said...