Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An Honorable Mention

Firstly I need to express my humble appreciation for YOU, my readers. I have worked diligently on and off the blog to provide the best support I can. Be it Video, Podcast, Text or Business I am constantly looking at how I might best serve your needs. It is with sincere pleasure that I do this and look forward to continuously finding new ways to make use of my passion, and commitment to teaching.

Why this comment?

Microsoft runs a Monthly Profile on a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) of their choice named MVP Insider. Now the list of great MVPs is by no means exhausted, and the quality of candidate so varying that Microsoft must have a tough time choosing each month. For whatever reason however this month they have chosen me, Hugo Ortega.

So if you are interested in knowing more about me, or wish to read Profiles of other MVPs dating back to February 2004, then head on over to MVP Insider now. For the others I have pasted together a JPEG of the page. Interestingly as you flick through each month you might notice that I am the first Tablet PC MVP to be profiled and the first Australian too; a double win for Tablet PC and Oz!

Hugo Ortega: MVP of the Month, May 2007


Robert said...

Congrats Hugo:

I think your success is due to the fact you explain tablet PC's very well.
The videos make it much easier to understand the product and keep everyone interested.
Personally having a view of Australia from inside your home is what I like the most.
Regards Robert

Michael Venini said...

Congrats Hugo. Well due.

CTitanic said...


Samiuela LV Taufa said...


Congratulations, and your passion is improving the awareness in Australia (as International) of the value ink computing can provide.

Great to have passion for you job, even better when the passion is real.

Hugo Ortega said...

Thank you everyone! I'm sorry I am so busy this week becasue of CeBIT (sorry I can't answer you, not sorry about being at CeBIT) but I will be back soon.

Thank you for the compliments and congratulations! It keeps me passionate with a capital P!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! Hugo

Hopefully when you get finished with CeBIT you can catch up. LOL You must be having great time out there, let us know how everything went when you get a chance; using that OQO 02.


Elo said...

Congrats Hugo! I would have awarded a "most fashionable Tablet PC blogger" honorable mention but MVP of the month is well deserved too!

Sean Tan said...

What music CD do you recommend? Haha, that was a bit random.

Congratulations Hugo!

TristanK said...

Well deserved!

Hugo Ortega said...


Hi Robert!

Thank you for your support and your compliment. Funnily enough one of my readers recently left a comment "I miss your living room" when I hadn't posted a video for a while. Too funny!

Thanks again.


Hi Michael Venini. Thank YOU!


Hola Frank. Gracia Hombre!


Hi Sami. Nice to see you comment again. Thanks for the kindness. Truth be told...I am blessed mate. To be able to do what I love is great. Thank you.


Hi Hector. This is my first night back on the planet! CeBIT was awesome but even better for having had the OQO 02. With it I was able to keep my business a float and answer and respond to several emergencies.

I will post more thoughts on this next week. (In my GottaBeMobile video). Cheers mate.

Hugo Ortega said...


"Most Fashionable!" I don't know about that! I think Dennis Rice would hate to hear you say that - he kind of likes to see himself as the image leader in the blog space, and I am not prepared to argue. LOL.

@Sean Tan:

LOL. I threw that in as a curly one. No point in admiting in public that my favorite band is the Scissor Sisters! LOL.


Hi Mate. Thank you. How is your P1610? Does it still have you up all night with glee?

robert winters said...


But I think it’s a combination of your hard work AND the aussie accent. The whole digs that in your videoposts but just never tells you.

Keep it up