Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hugo Ortega goes the HTC

Recently I posted about whether I would “Shift” or not! (Shift as in the HTC Shift). The reason for the post was that I had never witnessed so many emails regarding a product release as I had regarding the HTC announcement. I must admit that I was excited too so when the opportunity came to upgrade my existing Mobile Phone I couldm’t help but go for “The Shift” myself, or at least the Dopod 838pro, as The Shift is still not available. LOL.

What has me excited is that this is my first Windows Mobile 5.0 phone and the experience is a lot better than I thought. Not only do I have cameras everywhere, WiFi 802.11 b/g, QWERTY keyboard and a Touch Screen, but thanks to a third-party application I have inking too.

So as a look at the Ultimate Mobile Office I wanted to share with you my Samsung Q1P and HSDPA enabled Dopod 838pro combo! Does it get any better than this!?!? Why would anyone Blackberry anymore?
Happy Easter all!

Special thanks goes to fellow MVP Darius Wey of PocketPCTHoughts for his input on my choice of phone. Now I can finally hold my head up high at the next Sydney Windows Mobile User Group (SWMUG).

See it on


Elo said...

Aha! But it wasn't a great surprise, you did say you would go for such a phone a little bit back. Jon Dee has the same phone doesn`t he ?(under the Jasjam tag but its the same HTC device).

It is a fantastic phone and I had to flog myself a couple of times to prevent me from buying it. I am torturing myself so that I can get the Kaiser but I might give up and buy this one too.

Apparently, you can get an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 for this phone. That might have to be confirmed though. I think Jenneth Ortentia got WM6 on hers but I`m not sure.

I will watch your video tomorrow morning! I have been waiting for something like this from you so I`m reserving my watching for when I can relax with a coffee!

Hugo Ortega said...

Once again my loyal readers know me better than I know myself. In the video you will see that I alluded to the previous comments on my posts so my long-time readers will not find this as a surprise.

If you're new here, welcome and enjoy the show that is Hugo Ortega.

Happy Easter Elo and all!

Darius Wey said...

Ah, you've seen the light, Hugo. ;) Congrats on the purchase.

And just a word on the Windows Mobile 6 "upgrade". What's out there is completely unofficial and unsupported by the OEM, so upgrading is done at your own risk.

Miwaku said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miwaku said...

You don't need PhatPad to do "inking". All Windows Mobile devices have a "Notes" app that does it for you, and just as easily. Also, if you were to write a note during a call, (which you can call up directly from the phone screen), the note would be date/time stamped AND lnked to the call history.

Welcome to the new world, Hugo!

Hong Kong Phooey said...

Glad you join the club, had this phone when it first came out in October, truly awesome, waiting for upgrade to WM6 here in Hong Kong.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Darius,

Nice to see you here! Thanks again for your input mate - oh, and WRT Upgrading, I'm afraid you won't see me going down that arduous path any time soon. I won't become Australia's Mobile Phone guy any time soon.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Miwaku,

Great tip! Why did I install PhatPad then! It just goes to show that anything new is often riddled with misonceptions. I've just tried Notes and it is as good, if not better (becasue of its integration) than PhatPad.

Thakns for the comment, and thanks for the Welcome too.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Hong Kong Phooey,

Thanks for the welcome HKP! If you read Darius's comment above you does that mena that you will be still upgrading this phone, or buying a new WN6 when it comes out?

Thanks again for th welcome, I am pleased that I joined the illustrious crew!

Jon said...

Ahh Master Hugo,

I wouldn't be on time for anythign without my iMate JAMin (Dopod 818Pro). It really should have a name like "Money Penny" In fact - what a great codename for the next project =).

For your next trick I suggest heading over to one of the copious text-to-speech engines on the net (usually for trial purposes): Brightspeech being my favourite for voice quality but I actually bought a few voices from Cepstral - there you can make your self a few cool voice prompt ringtones: "Mr Ortega, your accountant is on Line one..shall I say you're in a meeting

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Jon (good to see you back)

I love the idea of these voice messages, I will look into it for usre. I kind of like the idea of having one tell me "it's that pesty Realestate Agent calling you again...shoult I tell him to..."

I'm on it now! Happy Easter.

Elo said...

While we are on the subject, my two favorite apps that you could try if you want are SPB diary (very sweet) and SPB Mobile Shell (awesome).

Robert said...

Greetings Hugo:

Congrats on the new HTC phone.
Try not to drop it often.

I would like to ask, if I get a HTC smartPhone but do not signup to a wireless carrier, can I still connect to the internet wireless with the WiFi B/G feature of the phone.

Regards Robert from Montreal Canada

Elo said...


You will be glad to know that yes you can. Wifi in the Dopod 838 pro (it has many names by the way, Cingular 8525, Imate Jasjam, etc. at its core it is the HTC TyTN) can be turned on and off like any other pocket PC device and your good to go if you have a wireless network or hotspot available.

Because you are from Montreal then you will appreciate a great deal that feature. Wifi access is plentiful in North America and I know there are many free wifi access in Canada and Quebec. Here in Australia free wifi is not something you see often.

Robert said...

You need a game for that phone Hugo. Something simple but addictive to get you used to tapping away on a small screen. Try I.C.B.M for PPC. Download the ARM version. It's not much help with inking but it's fun.
I feel the force in this one...

Al said...

Hey Hugo, I don't know if you know this or not, but HTC is about to release the HTC Kaiser which has a very similar design scheme to the TyTN. However rather than it being a slider, it slides up and pops out like a side kick for example.

Here is the engadget link

Also, this one will have everything that is currently in the TyTN, as well as GPS. The other thing that I like is the slimmer form factor. However I'm sure SOME battery life was sacrificed for this. Its 4mm slimmer than the TyTN!!

I currently own one myself, and I love it! Fantastic, eps for a college student. Wish the camera had AutoFocus though :(

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo (thanks for answering Robert's question).

Hi Robert! Games...noit sure that I have time but I will look. The little App I love is NewsReader. I've downloaded it and synched my device and it rocks! I have audio, video and blogs all in my device now!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Al,

The Kaiser looks good and I know Elo will agree. The problem I can see is that the kayboard will not be functional for touchtyping so I cannot see the benefit of this form-factor. Because the kayboard is the same as the one you and I have (albeit it does not tilt) I cannot see how touch-typing will be achievable.

Having said that I do believe there is lots of room for the 7" HTC UMPC - The Shift. Then the tilt becomes very usable.

Al said...

I am definatly excited for the HTC Shift. The pandoras box that will be opened when the Shift is released...exciting times. Talk about true mobility. The fact that it supports QuadBand GSM, GPRS, and HSDPA, and EDGE networks really makes it one of the best mobile devices on the market. Insert a SIM chip, and you now have wireless access anywhere without having to pair a Bluetooth phone to it. I'm rather glad I waited to purchase a UMPC.

I can't wait to see you make the shift ;).

JayZ said...

Hey my phone is arriving his Tuesday directly from China to Mexico. :)

I'm glad I choose this model.

And Hugo, thanks for the video.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Al!

i'm with you...I think this will rock! Thanks for the comment.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Jayz!

My pleasure/you're welcome! I was so excited I had to put up the video.

From China to Mexico! That sounds like a great blog post you should write!

Elo said...


Yes, the ROM that is circulating at the moment is unofficial but Dopod did say they would release WM6 for their devices, the 838 pro included in two months time. That means an official release.

Read it here directly from Romiyaz Romino Wahab, Dopod Australia division. I can't wait to see if they will stay true that statement.

Hugo, I guess you will have to make another VLOG and tell us about it hehehe!

Elo said...

Oops, I messed up the link post.

Here we go again :

Dopod international's Statement

G-Man said...

Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the video - I have been amazed by that 3.6Mbps speed that the mobile phone can deliver....

Well looks it is about time we are getting truely mobile in Australia, who would believe it would happen before WiMax kicks in...

Darius Wey said...


Sure, I'm certainly not dismissing the idea of any sort of official WM6 upgrade for the Hermes. I'm merely stating that what's available now is not officially provided by any vendor, just to ensure that any would-be owners of the Hermes (especially those new to Windows Mobile) understand the risks prior to dipping their foot in the water.

Moving forward, it's not surprising to see Dopod planning to release an upgrade. While folks such as i-mate and O2 have lost touch with HTC, Dopod has only become closer after its acquisition by HTC last year.

- Darius

Elo said...

You were right to specify that Darius. I was getting too excited about the fact that Dopod would provide a WM6 release! It is making me reconsider the wait for the Kaiser and get an 838 pro myself.

While we are on the subject, I was curious about your opinion on the direction HTC is taking. The roadmap of HTC is fascinating! They have built the best PDA phones in the industry and now what could be a very exciting UMPC. What do you think Darius ?

Darius Wey said...

I think the path that HTC is taking is a positive one. Back when the Wizard and Hermes were all the rage, many consumers accused HTC of failing to innovate, although they've really turned that around with the Advantage, and I think they still have a few more unique form factors up their sleeve that we should see materialised over the coming years.

The Shift looks good. As you know, it's a UMPC, which is a first for HTC. Given their decent track record over the past few years, this is a device I'm seriously considering. I dabbled with Hugo's Q1 in Beijing earlier in the year and that totally won me over, so I could certainly see myself picking up a Shift in the near future to go hand-in-hand with my Pocket PC Phone.

- Darius

Al said...

I read over at xda that we won't be getting the official release until as late as June, since it has to be tested with each version of the phone, so the Cingular 8525, DoPod, Qtek ect ect...

However since I'm here in the states, I know that cingular will be pushing it out the doors soon. I also know for a fact that they are doing the upgrades in store with people who buy the phone now.

Also I will most likely buy the kaiser when it comes out! Sell my 8525 on eBay, and put that to buy the kaiser :).

Hugo Ortega said...

You mobile guys sure know how to grow a thread! Well done.

Al said...

I wish I had the cash to be as mobile as you though Hugo! How many tablet based devices now? 14 or 15 since you have that Dopod now. ha!

Dave - Lifekludger said...

With regard to the inbuilt Notes app that Miwaku points out, the issue I have with notes on a WM5 device (and I'm on my 3rd) is that the notes do not sync with exchange. They will sync with desktop machine but not exchange. This makes it difficult when working in a few different locations as I do and getting everything in sync.

FWIW: I have the Dopod 810 (the keyboardless version of the 838pro. Works a treat)

Robert said...

I won't become Australia's Mobile Phone guy any time soon.

Hi Hugo, Are you sure about that? Things have been known to kind of happen when they're least expected you know.

Way off-topic for this thread @hugo - Did you happen to try any Alaska Pale Ale while you were in Seattle?

Dave said...

Hugo!!!! finally im back in civilization - my UMPC was a hoot in the outback! anyway, congrats on the HTC Hermes (aka 838Pro, JASJAM, etc) its an awesome device. If you have ANY questions about WM5 devices, HTC devices or anything mobile networking - give me a yell ill be more than happy to help out. Enjoy.


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