Sunday, April 01, 2007

Motion's LE1700

Did I hear you say "we want 36 minutes of Rob Bushway!" Well here you go. I've been so tied up recently that I totally glazed over Rob's video. I downloaded it last week but only now had time to watch it (GottaLoveSundays). He does of great job of presenting the device and giving us an intimate look at the World's First SXGA Slate.

The video is part of GottaBeMobile's Ink Shows and is well worth watching. In my umble opinion it looks as though Motion is still one of the most progressive manufacturers in town. They have always pushed the envelope by focusing R&D (Research and Development) on specific Target Markets. By holding the the new C5 I was able to witness this firsthand. Not only are Motion targeting specific markets but they are doing it with an Avante Garde sort of mentality. Just look at the EV-DO antennae in the LE1700, no other manufacturer has come close to making their antennae look this seemless!
Well done Motion.
Here is a snipping from GottaBeMobile's post:

We are very pleased to bring everyone this first look at Motion Computing’s newest Tablet PC, the LE1700, in this special launch day video review. It has been about two years since the release of the LE1600, and many people were wondering if this day would ever come. It has!


Alchemist2012 said...

I am so disapointed by this motion LE1700. All I wanted was SSD 32GB nothing else:( how come, In tablet PCs and ultra mobile it is a must!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Alchemist2012,

I hear you, but the general public (which is who all the manufacturers build for) don't. Until the general public screams "we want SSD" the manufacturers will turn a blind eye to the bleeding edge dudes liek you and I.

It's been like this forever. :-)

Alchemist2012 said...

hahaha, Got it :( The same with the Ipods right? Why not an CUSTOM Egualizer? Radio, Micro, etc. Its sooo simple. About the LE1700 I even send them a bunch of E-MAILS using differents accounts asking for SSD drives and better graffics but seems my E-MAILS were the only ones :( . Lets just wait for the competition then. I'm writing a book like you, the resume on, Which tablet PC do you recommend? I want to use really a lot The HAND WRITING FEATURE;) I never used it but I find it to be a marriage of tradition and technology. Thanks.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Alchemist2012,

LOL. You made me laugh back. THanks for the great chat. As far as which Tablet I am afraid that is a much longer chat. In short however, and especially if you are interested in using the pen, then do not go past an Active Digitizer enabled tablet. It will be the best for you. If you're into looks go for the R400, if you're into function, go the Lenovo X61.

Before you take my word for it can you tell me a little more about your intended usage so I can recommend with a little more accuracy? Cheers.

Alchemist2012 said...

Hey Hugo, I checked the r400 and the Lenovo X61 and it seem to have a great perfrmace but I really want to keep away from them. they seems too much of a traditional laptop:| I really want a slate tablet. Mordern looks ;) I m planning to use it for cutting edge 3D games, LOL. I'm kidding.
In truth , I will use it to listen to music, I am very critic, I need good sound quality at least for headphones, hand writing, reading, and watching a DVD back up and checking myspace :) That's pretty much it:)
You know, my friend has a $1500.00 sony laptop and he can't listen to music using Itunes. such a slow peformance. I would kick my tablet in the air if I won't be able to listen to music on it.
And as long as I can do these things I told you, I don't care about the opering system. Thank you very much.

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