Monday, April 02, 2007

Honorable Mentions

*Update 6am 4th April 2007* Rob Bushway of GottaBeMobile was also been reawarded on April Fool's Day! Congratulations Rob, I didn't intentionally miss you off the list, I only just saw that you had been reawarded. Well deserved I might add!

So it’s MVP time again! This time I am very excited as not only am I a veteran now (LOL) but I have now been joined by the most wonderful newcomers to the MVP community. Here are some of the newbies.

In Australia:
I had the pleasure of helping these guys buy Tablet PCs (Fujitsu T4215s) and converting them to proper computing. They are full of energy absolute nerds legends.

In America:

I have been a great fan of Kevin’s and followed his videos with much interest. He is energetic, cool, enthusiastic and passionate (sounds like me). Congratulations mate! With Dennis this is not an event as much as it might be a re-event. He has been re-awarded this year which should come as no surprise to anyone that reads/knows him!

Surely there were countless others but this is my shortlist of awardees that I felt deserved an honorable mention! They are my friends and well worth every bit of ink, text and touch that they offer. Shame they had to be awarded on April Fool’s Day however...probably made their morning and little ambiguous.


Sean Tan said...

That was pretty mean of Microsoft to award the MVPs on Aprils Fools day.

Hugo Ortega said...

I know - it would have done my head in mate!

Elo said...

I admit it is fantastic to see Microsoft recognizing what you guys are doing for the community. Especially when we think that you all do this on your own time.

Congrats to everyone, especially Kevin!

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Elo,

I know the support of the community means a lot back!

Rob said...

thanks, Hugo!

Don't worry - I'll hold it against you!

Hugo Ortega said...

Get a life Rob! LOL.