Thursday, April 19, 2007

GottaBeMobile Podcasting again! Show #1 hits the airwaves!

So it's been a week (almost) since the announcment that I will be joining GottaBeMobile (active in May) and I am already being roped in getting involved! This time it's a Podcast with Dennis (Bill Clinton impersonator) and Warner (big laugh dude).

So here are some notes from the Dennis, and links:

"Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not really show #1, but it feels that way since we have made a new committment! We have done a few sporadic Podcasts in the past, but now we really mean it. Dennis Rice and Warner (what is that guy's last name? Oh yeah, not I got it) Crocker have made a committment to do around 4 of these shows a month, so get your subscription while it is hot!

In this show, we have a special guest, none other than our new teamie, Hugo (aka Poogie!) Ortega from Australia. We hope that Hugo will be joining us for more of these shows, as will the other members of the GottaBeMobile team. In addition, in the future, we are working on a list of special guests that we hope to get some commentary on as well, so you wanna be keeping an eye out on this little podcast folks!"


Elo said...

These shows are going to be fun to follow. There was something with your microphone but it was ok.

I loved the direct remarks across those manufacturers for not looking forward with battery life. There could not be a more consensual topic. We are all wondering why is it we still have these inadequate energy solution with our portable devices.

I believe there are many possibilities that could be explored but as many of you have already said all over the Net, it's just not a priority for the manufacturers or they are just being sloppy.

On the same note, I just read that the HTC Shift will NOT be powered by a VIA cpu and will sport on of the three new processors Intel has been cooking for mobility devices! The Shift will be one of the first UMPCs to be based on the Ultra Mobile platform 2007. That can only mean one thing: less power consumption and more battery life!

I was waiting to hear about the Shift from IDF in Beijing and was beginning to wonder if we would hear a thing at all. This is good news!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo,

I belive the Shift was officially anounced on the 18th of April. It is targeted as a 2008 release as far as I know and is in fact part of the "Haiku" generation of devices. I can't wait to know more too.

With regards to the podcast it is our first and will lead to many new things. I belive the possibilities are endless. If we have more interaction from listeners then I belive we can make them quite special. Thanks for the feedback elo.