Saturday, April 21, 2007

David Wallace Kludges with UMPC

I've been mates with Lifekludger's David Wallace for some time now. It's always interesting to get his perspective on the mobility scene based on his lateral thinking about mobility vs. immobility!
On this occasion he has the EO i7210 UMPC and he has posted some thoughts. In it readers get unique insights into the major benefits, and, fundamental flaws in UMPC for folks with disabilities.

Thanks to a kind spirited supporter, who handed the UMPC to him, David has done a fantastic job of sharing his impressions interpreted via his life as a Quadriplegic. I always love reading his stories and am passionate about being part of his solution. Great job Dave!

Read the article here: Lifekludging a UMPC


Elo said...

What a great post! Dave is showing us the ultimate utility of the UMPC and how it can be an important tool in his life! I'm sure this could become part of the solution for many others.

A UMPC appears to be a great step in the right direction but there are things that could be adjusted, isn't it Dave ? I found it interesting that there is a sweet spot yet to be reached as the EO appears to be slightly too small but better than a conventional Tablet and the quality and usability of a stand and a keyboard.

It will be interesting to see what Dave thinks of the Shift. It has a stand built in the design and a keyboard.

I know, I know, I'm too obsessed with the Shift!

Great article Dave on your blog at! Thanks Hugo for making us discover another good blog!

Hugo Ortega said...

HI Elo,

Thanks for another great comment. Dave and I have been friends for a while and I always find his involvement a huge win for Tbalet and UMPC in general. I am a supporter of his participation and hope that Microsoft proper can gain insights from his being part of it.

I think the Shift has everyone obsessed. It promises lots - but remember, it now becomes very hard for "the Shift" to live up to its reputation.

MID's said...

Greetings Hugo:

Would you be able to point me at some Mobile Internet Device blog Websites, or news Websites.

I've just started a MID blog page and I'm looking for new material.

Regards Robert

Martin said...

I miss your living room...

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Robert,

I am afradi I am not follwing the MIDs that closely. I know Steve Paine (chippy) is doing a good job and he should probably have some good links from there too.

Hugo Ortega said...


you made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo hopefully everything is good down under :) Hugo you know maybe David should try a UMPC like a Q1P with Vista and use the speech reconization. I have used it just to see how good it performs and does a good job.

Hector Gomez

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Hector,

That's a great idea. Let me point David to this and see what his thoughts are on Speach Rec.

Good job HG!

Dave - Lifekludger said...

Gday Hector! Great thoght re Vista and voice rec. I've used Dragon before but find the nature of what I do hasn't previously suited a 'dictation' style of voice use.

The way voice rec has been integrated in Vista intrigues me and I've been reading how people are using it for 'command' control of various applications.

I can't wait to try it and see how it could fit to what I do.

Especially with a 'touch' device as I imagine, just as the 'touch' experience gives the user a step towards a more 'natural' form of input, that voice is yet another of those steps to a more 'natural interface'.

Always great ideas emerge from these tastes of tablet and other technologies I get. As Hugo says, and demonstrates, much can happen due the 'because effect' (cudos to Doc Searls).

Cheers Hector

Dave - Lifekludger said...


I too can't wait to try a shift, after experiencing the AcerC200 and seeing what possibilities such a layout might provide. Size as usual will be interesting.

With regard to a sweet spot existing, I think the sweet spotr is more finding what suits me in particular (as every user has to) rather than any particular 'gap' in the market. But that's just my perception. I really don't get to study the sector thoroughly enough to know that definitavely.


Anonymous said...

Hugo and Dave no problem; Dave let us know when you do try out the Voice using Vista and let us know the goods and the cons that you see. Dave I think you will be surpprized at how much you can do with the Voice using Vista. I will keep an eye on your website also.


Anonymous said...