Friday, April 20, 2007

Mobile in Melbourne

I have been on tour with Microsoft and completed two days of IT Shows targeted at the Medical Vertical Arena. I was asked to tag a long as Mr. Tablet and boy did I! I brought a Samsung Q1P, and ASUS R2H, a Sahara Slate and some others. I walked in the room with them all turned on and was instantly swamped by Doctors (wanting a Mobility diagnosis, LOL.)

I will post more on the events later but now - as I sit in the car park outside the restaurant I will taunt tonight - I decided to blog from my car using the Q1P and Organiser Pack as my PC, and my Dopod 838 pro as my HSDPA modem!!!

Life's good great awesome unbelievable when you're truly mobile.


Sam said...

What's a Medical Vertical Arena?

Hugo Ortega said...

oops..."Vertical Markets" are specific market segments. The "Medical" is a specific Vertical Market. The Vertical Arena is the playing ground of that market segment.

...Marketing speak got the best of me!

Steven said...

Too bad you didn't have the Motion C5 in your arsenal. Maybe Motion will ship you one post-haste.
Thanks for the news.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Steven,

Why the C5??? what is it that casued you to mention it? (Other than it is a nice machine I am just interested in your comment?)


Steven said...

The Motion C5 is touted as a "Clinical Assistant," as your teammates over at
GottaBeMobile have commented on it.

You even said so yourself while blogging from the Northern Hemisphere... dream sequence...
March 2007

That's what made me think C5- YOU! haha


Hugo Ortega said...

Oh yeah - you were alluding to the Medical stuff I was doing. Yes, it is a shame it was not with me! It is a great clinical assistant and worth touting! To be frank I thought I would see Motion there but I was the only "Tablet Guy" so perhaps this whole "I am Australia's Tablet Guy" really is true! LOL.

Great comment ( I actually thought you wanted me to be blogging from the C5 in the car! Too funny).

Steven said...

Maybe you need to get some sleep.

Hugo Ortega said...

ummmm???? How does that work again. I've heard about it but never had a chance. Is that the bit when people close their eyes and stay still for a little while - it sounds uncomfortable!


Mike said...

You said you had the Q1P and the R2H, I assume the Q1 is still your favorite but is the R2H still better for inking? I still trying to decide between better inking or more power for multi tasking and battery life.

Come on Q1 Ultra give us a price and release date!

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Mike!Great question.

I was in this same conversation last night with a mate in Melbourne. The reason I use the Q1P and not the R2H is that I am spoilt for choice with Tablets. When I need proper pen features I use my Sahara Slate, Fujitsu Convertible or others (with an Electro Magnetic Active Difitizer machine).

The "real" reason for sticking to the Q1P has been the battery life and that Organiser Pack I keep talking about - it's still the main reason I stick to it. Like you, I can't wait to see next gen of all these.

Thanks Mike, good question.

Menno Nuberg said...

Did you have a look at the following machine:

I don't think it's positioned as a UMPC, but it sure is a lot of CPU for such a small machine.


Elo said...

I don't want to be the Necromancer Troll reviving a dead post but I am curious and I have a question for you Hugo.

I also have the Dopod 838 pro on Vodafone but I am not exactly happy withe their prices. I was wondering what plan are you on for your mobile data needs ?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Elo,

Comment wherever you like star, no problem.

I am on the Three Network and have an integrated Data Bundle which gives me 1GB of transfers for $69 (I think).

I am happy with it as the phone (as you have heard in the apst) is my Modem.

Elo said...

Thanks for this Hugo. I have looked at the bundles and they appear to be much better.

I will Shift at the end of my credits.

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