Wednesday, April 11, 2007 goes live with WPF

Some of you may know of “The Audi Keyboard” and might be keen to know how it came to fruition. Interestingly Richard Bassett, who was delegated the aesthetic duties on the keyboard, has placed a video interview online of he and Dr. Neil. Both these guys collaborated on the keyboard wihle I spun-the-plates downunder in Australia. Dr. Neil did all the scripting, Richard the Painting…and me...well I just copied some people on emails!

Either way if you’re interest in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF or WPF/E), XAML, Expression or Blend, then head on over to; Tricky has uploaded a WPF/E video for you guys to witness firsthand how it is that two Englishmen and an Argentinean could collaborate utilising UMPC, Microsoft and Messenger. As Dr. neil says, “it was a 24 hour operation".

Link to Video

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