Friday, December 01, 2006

Another Hugo's Notes with Dr.Neil

Yesterday Dr. Neil Roodyn and I sat down and ripped another podcast. It's almost a habit now and locked in as part of our weekly routine. If we keep getting feedback and comments the way we have been it may well become irreversible- scary!

I must admit that this topic was fun and insightful for us both. The topic was nominated by Matt Propst on this thread on my blog, and as usual involved some banter and some conflict - in the name of the greater community. What I find amusing about these podcasts is just how naked you become, even a friend of mine comments on something I let slip.

So grab some of your favourite fairy bread and listen to our latest edition of Dr. Neil's Notes:

Dr. Neil's Notes 31

Welcome to Show 31 staring Hugo Ortega and Dr.Neil Roodyn

Welcome to another show:
Applications on the UMPC:
What we would like to see:

Happy Coding!

Any other topics you would like us to discuss? This podcast was recorded on a Samsung Ultra Mobile PC with Castblaster


Matt Propst said...

Great talk guys! Very insightful!

Hugo use the UMPC as a research scrapbook....assignment collection....?

Hugo, you've already mentioned that you use OneNote. I use it daily for research and taking my notes.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Matt,

Your topic was a great one and came at a timely moment as Dr. Neil was probably about 15 minutes away. If you have another topic, or anyone else for that matter, let us know as this thing is weekly now.

OneNote is cool!

Matt Propst said...

here's another suggestion...

Given that most UMPC marketing has been lacking in one way or another, what do you think could help leverage the devices to consumers, the development of more devices to produce more variety within the UMPC market, or the production of more UMPC-oriented, user-oriented applications for this "new" device?

I've personally been lookin into the development side, and have been trying to come up with a few good ideas to start coding up!

Matt Propst said...

Hugo, here's a question I just thought of; Dr. Neil along with yourself both have the Samsung Organizer Pack. Now i've considered purchasing one, but I've thought that maybe it makes the Q1 a bit too much like a laptop? How dependant do you are on the keyboard? Also I've never seen a picture of someone using the Organizer Pack and Q1 in such a manner that they are using only the Q1 and the keyboard is back behind the Q1. Is this comfortable, is it sturdy? Just thought maybe you've be able to help inform me a bit more about the Q1 add-on while i ponder purchasing it.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Matt,

Between you and I, and anyone reading, I hate the idea of flooding the market with new devices from first Generation comapanies. My idea would revolve around the Apple phenomenom, i.e. one product, one app, one market segment. Of course deviation is a must but when you start focused you can only go wider, however, when you start wide everything gets fudged. Let us look at this for next week's show - cheers.

As far as Organiser pack I think that the threat is the keyboard dependancy. Having said that what I like most about the OP is the fact that is takes away most fears and doubts, and learning curves, associated with finger-driven computing. And I find it interesting that you asked about the OP folded back as I've been using it like that a fair bit.

I'll post and OP/Q1 video real soon!

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