Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm a geek, just ask my wardrobe!

Recently my good friend Dr. Neil Roodyn came back from TechEd 2006 in the United States. He was performing regular duties as Mr. Keynote and yet managed to think of me. I don't know about you but there's a trend that's becoming rather alarming...T-shirts. First it was Tablet Kiosk with its apology gift and now Neil brings me a handful of new additions to my "I'm a geek and not afraid to let you all know about it" wardrobe.

I love them!


The Miniature Mage said...

There you go making me jealous again!

One of the reasons I started working in IT was because I had hopes of being sent to conferences and given tee-shirts like my friends. Every time my friend tries to get me to give up my Cisco golf shirt, I remind him of when he refused to give me one of his TWO identical OS/2 Warp tees in the 90's...and then I remind him he has TWO Cisco golf shirts (at least).

So...I don't get sent to conferences, but I have managed to weasel a bunch of shirts out of some folks (mostly people feel sorry for me, but some came from Dell).

I thought I'd try a new gig, since I see that bloggers often get stuff. Turns out you have to work hard at that, so now I'm looking for a new scheme!

I'm still mad cuz I registered two UPSes and APC never sent me my promised shirt, but they'll sure as heck send me that dadgummed magazine...and I registered for an AMD shirt (someone had posted a link at, and I never got that, either.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Mini,

Nice to hear from ya again. When it comes to blogging I must admit that making you jealous is the last thing on my mind...but it is a pleasant result.LOL

I love the T shirt thing. I grew up surfing on Bondi Beach in Sydney and I still own a T that I had signed by all the famous surfers of that time. It would probably be worth some money if it wasn't for the fact that it was so under the nose!!!

Love your work! Keep it up.

Dr. Neil said...

I wish I was doing the keynote!
Alas I was only doing a couple of sessions in the mobile track.
Glad you liked the T-shirts :)