Thursday, July 13, 2006

17" widescreen Touch Computer

A friend of mine recently handed me a rather awkward looking thing called a Pelham Sloane. A Pelham Sloane is a rather clumsy all-in-one computer that sits inside the confines of a monitor. If that wasn’t enough to grab your attention it actually ships as a touchscreen too. Of all things it runs an Intel Pentium M Processor (usually reserved for a notebook) and a long list of extras that include Bluetooth, TV Tuner, two iGgabit Network cards, WiFi and in case that wasn’t enough you can actually rotate the screen through 90 degrees also…the whole thing.

Now I know the Uber Tablet blog, and Australia’s Tablet Guy, Hugo Ortega, shouldn’t really be distracted with such a monstrosity, but the fact remains that in the world of UMPC (touchscreen with no digitizer) it’s computers like this that may become the next Tablet on our desktop???

While I didn’t think the device was really worth blogging about I did like the inner organs of this beast. I thought I’d post some naked shots for any geeks like me, the ones that would rather peak inside than watch yet another demo of how Windows runs.

Enjoy this centerfold of the 17" PSynergy 1700: all-in-one Computing Solution (boy do these guys mean all).

A brief look at the Intel motherboard draped in HDD, fans, more PCB, some cables, bluetooth...OMG!

It was really cool to see just how homemade she is.

That's her on my lap...mmmmmm! I should have put dialkeys on her...LOL

I love how Bluetooth was attained by an array of piggy-backed PCB, cables, and eventually...a USB Bluetooth dongle.


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