Saturday, July 29, 2006

Samsung Q1 gets 2 pages

One of my favourite Australian PC Magazines, APC, has released a two page review of the Samsung Q1 Ultra Mobile PC. Although due to copyright I can’t scan the article and allow you to see it I can give you a taste of the Authors thoughts. His name is Anthony Caruana, a Melbourne based freelance tech journalist whom I had the pleasure of meeting on one of my recent trips to Melbourne. If you ever meet Anthony you’ll instantly realize one thing…”Geek!”

The article reads pretty well and shapes up UMPC as a device with portability possibilities yet gives warning to “inherent limitations.” The thing I like most about the article is its use of a real life case study by means of UMPC and TabletKiosk reseller Apex Mobile Tech. Here are some quotes from Anthony’s article.

Source: APC Magazine
Author: Antony Caruana
Date: August 2006 Edition

“…the NP-Q1 looks like it’s being pitched at the more image-conscious amongst us.”

“When you first hold a UMPC, it’s the screen that stands out. The NP-Q1’s 7in display is clear, but we couldn’t help thinking that a couple of weeks of heavy use with a stylus might lead to some scratching.”

“…an integrated microphone which makes the Q1 handy for meeting…”

“Our main complaint is that the provided stylus is a short plastic stick – and not all that comfortable to use for extended periods of time.”

“Overall if you’re looking for a portable device for field work or meetings, then the NP-Q1 UMPC could well fit the bill – but be aware of its inherent limitations.”

Darrell Cann of
Yarra Valley Valuations in the outer suburbs of Melbourne says “the combination of a UMPC, a Disto and Bluetooth phone means that the lead time for drawing an accurate property plan and sending it to the client has been reduced from a couple of days to a couple of hours.”

To buy the Samsung Q1 in Australia phone Toll Free: 1800 615 617 (Tegatech Australia)


Andy said...

Hi Hugo

So when are you going to have Q1s available? I'm not in a position to buy one now but will be later. I'm very interested in the Q1's multimedia features so I would rather not buy an EO if Q1s are going to be available here.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Andy,

We've got them available for immediate delivery. Tegatech Australia has been doing them as a "grey import" from overseas for some clients. The fact is that the warranty will remain supported by overseas and there will be obvious costs and delays when faced with that scenario.

As far as Official release in Australia I believe we're 3-months away. In all my talks with Samsung they seem to be dragging their heals a bit. There still needs to be training, spare parts etup and SKUs asigned. Tegatech Australia will look at officially Distributing these once they become available via Samsung Australia. until then keep visiting the blog and the website and updates will be posted.

BTW. Visit Tegatech Australia this afternoon. There is going to be an announcement made.

Have a great day mate. -H

Anonymous said...

Hi Hugo

What'r you charging for a q1?

Hugo Ortega said...

Tegatech Australia is charging $1,699 AUD inc GST for the current model Q1, i.e. 512/40, for anyone that enquires via this Blog. []