Saturday, July 01, 2006

James comes sniffing in my backyard

The Legendary James Kendrick came sniffing in my backyard just recently with this post. It seems that Chatswood based Aussie Jonathan Benson has spotted a device doing its best to impersonate a UMPC. The device is stocked (sort of) by the C1 Group in Australia and goes by the name of C1 UMPC, albeit a recent modification to its previous name – C1 Tablet PC.

Just for your interest, if any, I was able to remember seeing the Tablets Manufacturer Website a few years back so I did what I could to track it down. I managed to find it via Global Sources with the Manufacturer, Singapore based Tronic International Pty Ltd, having placed an advertisment there.

If you look at the tronics website you’ll see that this device is quite the chameleon; first with its UMPC jacket, then with its iPod hat (see website for tacky photos). On their website it goes by the name of PMG Quadpad, it comes in white or black, and it seems to have found a happy home as a semi-rugged input device. Go C1 the time is almost right for the picking on this one!

Note: Steve, from, was also right in stating that the PMG Quadpad travels as the "Paceblade P8" while staying in Europe.


James Kendrick said...

While I am never shy to take credit where it's due it was Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun that sniffed this out. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey James,

I'm really liking Kevin's work. I think he's an invaluable asset on the JK team!