Thursday, June 29, 2006

UMPC Available in Australia...Finally

Tegatech Australia is pleased to announce that the first roll out of Ultra Mobile PC in Australia has gone through without a glitch. Unlike the rest of the globe, Australia chose to not receive faulty devices (battery issues) and experienced delays while waiting for healthy EOs to deliver.

As you can see by these photos, deliveries that fell part of the first allocations also received the Tablet Kiosk apology touch, i.e. tee-shirts and free simple stands. While it is still very early to deem UMPC a success in Australia, especially when you consider that the first buyers are those on the bleeding edge of this thing, what I can disclose it that every single delivery was greeted with the same reaction..."well worth the wait!"

UMPC made it to Western Australia (perth), Melbourne, South Australia (Adelaide), Queensland, The Government (several sectors), Education, Home Automation, 2/4 Major Banks, several finance institutions and more...


Dave said...

Mmmm...goodies! Well done on sticking in there. I see now why you've been busy. So one made its way to SA....sadly wasn't my place :-/

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Dave,

You should see a lot more of these all over the place soon. Next year will hold even more UMPC with more features...all I'm hoping is that the free tee-shirts don't stop!

LOL, thanks mate.

Andy said...

So, how come the white ones came first? Were they more popular than the black ones?

The white ones do have a bit of an iPod thing going on so I can see the appeal there.

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Andy,

It's a fair question, that really has no logical answer. the only thing it cam down to was that the machinery pumping out the black ones has experienced more issues than the machines with the white ones...hence the delays.

The fact remains that the Black ones have out sold the white ones 70/30.

Have agreat day mate and thanks for the thoughts.