Thursday, January 11, 2007

Vistagami get UMPC Touch Pack upgrade via Origmai Touch Pack

*Update 13th of January 6am* TO see the new Origami Touch Pack in action just play this video below. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with th UI improvements, and even more excited about your nextGEN UMPC.

Video: UMPC - Samsung Q1P demoed at CES

My Original Verdict of the Touch Pack for UMPC

I recently shot a video welcoming newcomers to UMPC Software – an out of the box experience. In this video I covered several topics of interest to the Tabletscape including the Microsoft Touch Pack for UMPC. For those of you that remain unaware of an Ultra-Mobile PC it may interest you to know that the Touch Pack was Microsoft's clever attempt to drive consumers towards finger-driven computing. Via the Touch Pack a UMPC user was able to navigate through a traditional Windows Explorer environment while using only their finger. You can download the tutorial here, or view more edtails of how the UMPC Touch Pack works here.

As it turns out I wasn't the only one supplying this feedback as Microsoft has heeded our concerns and is working on a new Touch Pack…for Vista. If you don’t want to look at the video my point was this, the Touch pack had no depth and lacked any real function.

It seems that one of the prerequisites of this new Touch Pack will be that you are running Windows Vista on your Ultra-Mobile PC of choice. This is probably a good thing and will force manufacturers such as ASUS, Samsung and more to develop better Vistagami (as they were quickly dubbed).

How sweet is the Media Player integration

Although I wasn’t at CES 2007, but I feel as though I was, two of my friends have covered this development very well. Warner Crocker of GottaBeMobile tells it like this, while 24hrs earlier Kevin C. Tofel (what’s the C. for mate?) tells it like this. Kevin was so ecstatic that he did a follow up post here. And No matter who you choose to follow on this scoop the results are the same, i.e. the application is declared a winner. For more information why not go to the heart of the problem solution and visit the boys in Redmond, Sears and Dustin. I for one welcome the new Pack, and its controversial inclusion of Origami in its name…come on guys, lets settle on one Moniker!!!


Kevin C. Tofel said...

Thanks Hugo! I can't say enough good things about the UI of the OE. And the "C" is for Christopher although some folks think it stands for "Clown" or "Clueless". ;) Sometimes, they'd be right.

Hugo Ortega said...

Cheers Kevin Christopher Tofel,

I could tell you were pumped by this development and can't wait to get me hands on this device.

BTW, I'm a Hugo G. Ortega...but I'll save the G. for another occassion...LOL

HPClean said...

G = Gaston no ? =)

Hugo Ortega said...

Well done HPClean...I can always tell who are my true readers. :-)

2007 will Rock this year mate!

Gordon said...


Drat now I have that song from Beauty and the Beast going through my head. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon! Nice to see you back...

When I was travelling in Europe (1999) it turned out that in Turkey one of the most famous cartoons was a Moose named Gaston. He even had he his own chocolate bar!

Gordon said...

Good to be back! I've just been lurking for a bit. I'm still mostly using my MacBook Pro but now that CES is over I've been eyeing the UMPC market again.

The new Vista touch stuff looks great! Now if only I can find a UMPC that does glass. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

hi Gordon!

I had a little break too (kicked my feet up, had some beers, and an Aussie BBQ!)

The new UMPCs like the Medion look great. It will ship WITH Vista so I am wondering if that means some extra goodies to make Glass work!!! Here's hoping.

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