Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dr. Neil gives Q1 the VISTA treatment

First a ping, then a ring, then a tap on the back door, and who should pop over but the ever famous Dr. Neil Roodyn. No, we weren't podcasting (ala Dr. Neil’s Notes), nor were we ripping a video, this time he was on a mission...the Vista Mission. Tired of playing spectator to the many he too decided to delicately place Vista on his Samsung Q1 Ultra-Mobile PC.

Well done Neil, I think it will please everyone to know just how "simple" you found the task...maybe it helps being an Author, MVP, Regional Director, and International Guru...don't be fooled by his simplicity readers...he's half man/half Service Packs!


Gordon said...

I was just reading that Dr. Neil missed being able to change resolutions in Vista. I could swear that Kevin got that running Vista RC2...Where is that video? Ummm... here?

Did that link even work? Ug it's 7am my time and I'm just waking up. :)

CTitanic said...

yeah, it was kind of sad to read a post type "I did it" coming from Dr. Neil". There have been people reporting to have everything working in the Q1.

I was expecting to see more details because to get everything working you need to apply some rights and workaround at this time.

JKK is one of the person that have installed Vista in at least 3 of the UMPC in the market and he always have got almost 99% of all features working. But JKK hates to write about it. ;) He prefers to call you and guide you during the whole process if it´s needed. You should contact him for help in case it´s needed.

propstm said...

I think we need to compare notes.

I had my resolution changing w/o a problem, however I seem to have lost rotation. A few other interesting "features" also.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Guys,

I think we better wait a little longer before we assume the Dr. won't et to the heart of all these issues. I believe his post was written only minutes after the ISO stopped spinning.

Thanks Gordon for the link, I hadn't watched that myself so I'm looking forward to it. And thanks Frank for your comment. It's a shame isn't it that JKK is so "quiet" as he may more secrets than a lot of the bigger name bloggers!

Thanks for the comment Matt, I'll see if I can't get Neil to do a follow up post on getting that to work...by the way, I saw your Meme but felt that most people would be Meme-ed out at the moment so I chose not to run with it. I will though soon. :-)

WHERE ARE THE BEST LINKS TO VISTAGAMI STUFF GUYS??? Place them here if you all wan.

JKK said...

I'm not that quiet, just hate to type..
Most "secrets" can be seen on my videos:

Hugo Ortega said...

I think we want to hear from the man responsible for so much insight...in words...even chippy called you up on it too. LOL.

If you haven't seen JKK's videos follow his link above this comment, it's well worth it.