Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Vista Day everyone

So tomorrow I’m off to the Official launch of Vista and it is going to be a blast. It is promised to be an awesome event with lots of entertainment and giveaways, not to mention it's billed as "Biggest Microsoft launch in 10 years!"

In preparation for this epic monster I have prepared one…no better make that two Samsung Q1s running Vista Ultimate. The first is my trusty Q1 mentioned here, and the second is my shiny new Q1B sent to me thanks to VIA!!! (Cheers Bjorn)

Happy Vista Day everyone…I’m so excited I can’t sleep…and I probably won’t.

This is not trick photography!!! LOL


JKK said...

Could you test if Media Center works in Q1B. I have heard that it can't..
I also heard that Q1B can't play hires videos with media player on Vista.

CTitanic said...

Hugo, how did you get the Vista fully working in both Samsung? did you get the drivers?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Guys,

I'm off to the Official Vista launch this moirning and will post thoughts and comments soon...and yes, a video! LOL.

I'll be sure to test the Media Centre JKK.

Eugene said...

I'd be interested to know how Vista runs on the Q1 - Aero is supposed to be quite graphic intensive relative to XP. Would be interesteing to see a video blog on Vista on the Q1.

borax99 said...

Hi Hugo. I'm so not taken with Vista that I hurried up and ordered a Fujitsu P1610 while XP Tablet Edition was still available on it. Of course I intend to keep my options open, and will participate in Fujitsu's Express Upgrade program - once I've properly ghosted my unit! (I call him Tattoo)

Thanks for your early Video on this unit, you can see my unboxing pics at:

Betcha the next iteration comes with a Wacom digitizer! After all, if OQO could do it...

Cheers, and thanks again,


Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Borax99,

I love this blog! Your comments photos and thoughts mean a million to me. In regards to Vista don't forget that I'm spoilt, I can through it on a choice of over a dozen Tablets in the house so for me it's not such a "big ish" deal. I am glad you went XP P1610 as I believe it is better at this point in time, i.e. lack of drivers and utilities, so my hat off to you and I wish you good luck. Keep me posted and I will pop over to the blog and have a look.

The Miniature Mage said...

Just got back from my area's launch. I was happy just to be handed the goody bag!

I installed Vista on my R2H on the weekend, and I'm having conniption fits. Can't get the 1024 x 600 res emulation working. Without that, I can't even set my dadgummed flicks. Guess I'll keep hitting the forums until I get it right *sigh.*

Hugo Ortega said...

HI MiniMage,

I never got a chance to congratulate you on your appointment as writer, and let you know that you are doing a great job.

Vista installs are still more myth than truth and the lack of support and drivers makes them very touch-and-go. I look forward to hearing how your R2H goes as I believe that would be a sweet Vista box. As far as my two go I like them a lot and am trying to work out which I will keep as my main UMPC.

Gordon said...

You'll be happy to hear I have Vista Business running on my Mac Pro at work and my work ThinkPad T60p. I'm still adjusting to the feel.

I have to admit I REALLY like how Outlook 2007 looks and, though I've installed OneNote, I have no idea how to use it.

I still don't have a tablet or UMPC though. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon!

How good is that! Well done! Outlook 2007 is where I live at the moment and I'm finiding more and more productive everyday. It has lots of clever new features and lots of old ones that just seem to "work" this time.

Thanks for sharing. Let me know when you find something new and exciting...does it run ok on MAC, i.e. slow? or fast?

Gordon said...

Well...The Mac is a quad Xeon w/ 3GB of RAM so it runs well. The only gotcha is the base Mac Pro comes with an Nvidia 7300 128MB and at 1900x1200 aero glass seems to be a bit piggish.

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Gordon!

Have you listened to yourself speak! It sounds like you work for NASA or something...LOL...and I thought I was bad with my expectations! Geeks take hates 1900x1200 when run on a Mac quad Xeon w/ 3GB of RAM with an Nvidia 7300 128MB

love it...

Gordon said...

LOL! At least it's working on our old NT4 domain (don't ask). The Thinkpad is giving me trust issues. :)

I checked...the ATI x1900 upgrade for my mac is about $470 USD. Yay mac specific parts!

Hugo Ortega said...

LOL! Thinkpads never TRUST anybody!

Lucky you don't live in AUstralia, the cost of that same card is over $1000 AUD...ouch

Anonymous said...

Hugo, I have the Q1P that I got about 3 weeks ago and I installed the Vista Business and was wondering if you got that screen where all the apps scroll on the desktop when you press the windows key and the tab key like the picture you have showing. I know you have the Q1B so was wondering if your Q does that. So far I almost got everything to work except the resolution to change to 800x600 and the 1024x600. But other than that everything is working I even got my PPC-6700 to connect to the internet using either the Bluetooth connection and I was able to get the USB modem on the phone to use to connect on Vista.


Hugo Ortega said...

Hi HG (Is that really your intials or are you iusing mine? LOL)

I haven't got resolution changer or hotkeys working either...regrettably. I am looking into it further but I believe we will be subject to Samsung on this for a little while longer. Keep your eyes glued to (or something like that).

Keep me posted on how you find it. I must admit I am liking the Q1B more than the Q1 due to the screen brightness and battery life! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Actually HG is my intials I will keep you posted if I find out something. yeah I like my Q1P also very handy out in the job, and like the screen brightness very bright I use to use a Fugitsu T4020 and worked very well, but this Samsung is very nice, and portable. I use it with Samsung keyboard & case and also have the Think outside bluetooth keyboard that I use.

Good luck on your trip and keep us posted hopefully with alot of VLogs.


Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks HG...I am excited about Beijing and will do all I can to Vlog about it. Thanks for the extra info, and for the record, my Q1B wins the award as favourite at the moment too. Like you, the screen brightness is so good that is has shot all the way to the top.

Anonymous said...

Hugo, do you know how can I get the vista drivers for the Q1b?
Thanks in advance

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Roberto,

I must admit that I do not know. I have done a quick Google for you and come up with blogs only. The Samsung sites only seem to support XP for the Q1B. Sorry dude. Let me know if you find something.

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