Thursday, January 11, 2007

CasterBlaster Software gets UMPC enabled

Win XP GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Win 2K GUI (Graphical User Interface)

I’ve been carrying on a several threads with the developer of one of my favorite pieces of software, CastBlaster. His name is Mike Versteeg and he is a very clever man – and now even more so since he’s moved into the world of Ultra-Mobile PC. After several Q & A sessions Mike has recently settled on the EO i7210 as the UMPC of choice. His first attempt at a UMPC initiated CastBlaster Podcast can be found here, and is exceptionally good quality. It was recorded unaided (other than the EO itself) and even Mike was pleasantly surprised. I particularly like Mike’s concept for this site, test 123. Here is his explanation:

Show description: Mike Versteeg is software engineer and developer of programs like CastBlaster and WinPodder. Most of the development time goes into testing. Testing123 is a brief glance into these many hours of testing.. Expect to see and hear totally uninteresting audio and video material made during the creation of project like CastBlaster Pro and CastBlaster Video.

Dr. Neil and I have been using Castblaster for our joint Podcasts hosted by Dr. Neil’s Notes. We found it to be versatile and flexible enough to rip even the most “casual” podcast online! One thing that bugged us was CastBlaster’s poor ability to sit on a UMPC; we mentioned it on Show #21 and got Mike’s attention very quickly. Mike was always intended to make this happen but perhaps our global call-out helped.

So if you want to see the beast in action why don’t you hop on over to Forums and Download the latest Beta release. IF you’re not sure what CastBlaster isor what it might do for you then just watch this video. If you want to know what the product sounds like when used at its best then listen to the Adam Curry’s the Daily Source Code or read his blog (if you dare).


Mike said...

Ofcourse the screen shot would look a lot better if you install an XP theme Hugo :)

Hugo Ortega said...

Oops, sorry Mike! I gues being a power geek means I've stripped back my machine, nd optimised it as much as ossible, thereofre XP themes are out the photo added! :)