Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sumocat empties his Gadget Bag

Sumocat is up to some mischief again. First he paved the way for digital inkers like "late to the party," Matt Faulkner, oh, and himself, Sumocat (I made a contribution too). This time I love his two part rendition of James Kendrick's "What's in your gadget bag?" and "What's in your Gadget Bag, NOW?" Since James started the post I followed its contributions and comments and really began to enjoy the feedback everyone gave. Some of the comments left on the posts that I found interesting were:
  • 2 phones, my main voice phone and a backup that I use for data connectivity via bluetooth.
  • Western Digital 120G usb drive. This is one of the few that runs without a external power supply or a Y usb cable (using 2 ports). I use this to sync between the work laptop and my travel laptop. What I do in my consulting job is run my clients work in a virtual machine (Virtual PC) and when I travel i grab the virtual machine and have all of my work docs and code.
  • Aiptek PocketDV 5900 (recording stuff for my podcast and video)
  • Batteries (AA/AAA) - Be Prepared
  • CardScan Professional

Judging by some of these comments we've really got some mega-geeks out sorta guys! So tune in here to Sumocat as he talks us through his rendition of What's in my Gadget Bag?" Keep up the great work Mark, it's workin for ya mate! The viewers may not realise what all the video bloggers do; video blogging is not for the faint hearted! We make it look easy so that you don't have to.

Mark 'Sumocat' Sumimoto:

Part 1 [The Bag] Part 2 [The Gadgets]

Note: most of these links and resources come from the ever present, hard working, living/breathing library we like to call The Wicked Warner Crocker.

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