Saturday, June 17, 2006

ZDNET's Tablet PC Buying Guide

This evening I was looking for some Tablet PC related posts and comments on the net. My main focus was tablet in Australia and my diving led me to a ZD Net article titled "Tablet PC Buying Guide." (one notable absentee from the list was the Sahara Slate PC)

While a lot of the initial commentary is rather vague, and somewhat naive in its description of Tablet PC, i.e. clipboard, and digital signature input, I did however find some very resourceful links. What was also a pleasant surprise to me was mention the UberTablet Blog, and Craig Pringle's Blog, in the "Tablet PC forums, blogs and podcasts" section.

Here is a link to the article and below are some of the links they provided (under the heading of "Business Case for Purchasing Tablet PCs"); the webcast on ROI is worth a look at [it requires a very simple online registration], and the Whitepaper on Vista on Tablet is resourcesful too.

Business case for purchasing Tablet PCs

Maximising ROI with Tablet PCs
While tablet PC prices are dropping, the devices still cost more than the average laptop. How do you justify the extra expense?

Enterprise Mobility by Forrester Research
How does mobile and wireless technologies affect businesses, their employees, and customers?
Whitepaper (PDF)

Tablet PC technologies in Microsoft Windows Vista
In Windows Vista, Tablet PC shifts into the mainstream. Ink becomes more ubiquitous, integrating directly into the presentation subsystem in Windows Presentation Foundation.
Whitepaper (PDF)

The case for Tablet PCs in healthcare
The Tablet PC, with its versatile form that supports pen navigation, makes it easy for mobile healthcare workers to capture, access, and use information wherever the job takes them.
Whitepaper (PDF)

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