Monday, June 05, 2006

Hugo gets the Samsung Q1

The FedEx man has earned a very intimate spot in my geekish heart. It seems that every time he comes calling I am left with an exuberance that is unequalled by almost anything else on the planet...almost! Today as I signed his Symbol RFID scanner I knew that life would never be the same again. What was inside the box? Just the Samsung Q1.

Today I spent the day in and out of meetings, the daily chore type, and yet nothing could keep me from thinking of Samsung. Knowing that I had the Q1 to play with made today all the more cumbersome. I'm just about to sit down to dinner but in the wee hours of the morning, come 1am and 3am, both eo and Q1 will start to get intimately acquainted. What makes the experience all the more unique is that I have both the eo and the Q1 Ultra Mobile PC’s under the same roof, at the same time. From what I know, which is sometimes little, this is a first in Australia. When I told the Samsung Product Manager in Australia that I had the device he was shocked!

If anyone wants me to check anything for them I'll be happy to do so (don’t forget to checkout Kevin Tofel as he is running constant updates on his experiences). If you're in Australia I'll be running my monthly “Tablet Talk” at the Sydney Windows Mobile User Group (SWMUG) at the Microsoft Head Office in Ryde; both eo and Q1 will attend with me! If you’re in Canberra I’ll be running another event there too.

Have a great day/night.

PS. Maybe Frank Arrigo will shout me another coffee so he can see how Soduko runs on the Q1 vs. the eo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Hugo, when's the Q1 going to be available in Australia? Did they say anything about the price?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Mate (I'm guessing you're an Aussie),

I'm hoping to post something really soon, right now however I cannot disclose anything, sorry.

Watch this Blog as it will be the second to first. LOL

Anonymous said...

What version of the Bluetooth stack is it running? Microsofts, or Broadcom, or something else?

Hugo Ortega said...

Hi Anonymous,

Sorry about the lack of response...I upgraded my tablet and only just remembered to setup the uberTablet email (lazy me).

The bluetooth software on my Q1 appears to be the regular flavour of Microsoft. I know the Eos by TabletKiosk run BlueSoleil, so I'm thinking that eac manufacturer has run with their personal preference.

Does this answer your question?