Saturday, June 10, 2006

Communications On The Road

Helen Bradley, Jounalist of the Sydney Morning Herald, recently approached me for more information on UMPC. Her efforts, as shown by the link below, revolving around the advent/arrival of the mobile office space. What's cool about this isn't so much her massive insights but her choice to make UMPC part of this topic. While some journalists continue to argue against UMPC as a productivity tool for business at least Helen is a little clearer on its intentions.

Enjoy this article regarding mobility:


BlackBerry aside, the hottest new mobile solution isn't a PDA or a tablet but somewhere in between. The Ultra Mobile PC is a smaller tablet PC running a full version of Windows XP Tablet edition. It has wireless and Bluetooth built in and is designed for low power consumption and longer battery life. It will run office applications and Internet Explorer and offers plenty of options for the business person on the go. The first UMPC to be available in Australia is Tegatech's EO.

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