Monday, June 12, 2006

Downunder Tablet Bloggers make International Splash

Now there are few occasions that I find more humbling than public recognition; on this occasion I am floored by the International Recognition that two of my favourite bloggers, and some of the world's best Tablet Bloggers, have bestowed upon two of the three "Downunder Tableteers" Craig Pringle and I.

Watch this Ink Show as the dynamic Dennis Rice works his magic (cool editing man) over Warner Crocker. This is a chance to witness two Tablet Blog Aristocrats as they meander their way through Tablet Talk, Tech Talk, History and Future. Stay tuned for the announcement at the end, I won't spoil it now; I'm soooooooo excited about the massive repercussions of the announcement, most of which is great content!

One important note is just how awesome all our Video Blogging is actually getting, we're all pushing the envelope and performing mini moments of magic that connect, and often inspire. GottaBeMobile has to be commended for this interview and thanked for exposing the man behind the Wicked Stage, Warner Crocker.

[Job well done Warner, and clever amalgamation for you both, GottaBe and WC! I clock in first and foremost to Wicked Stage everyday, which means GottaBe will probably move to the top of my list now! Warner has been the most effective blanket of information in the Tablet PC and can only do himself very proud in the space.]

Listen to the InkShow interview here! ( 17 minutes, 64mb, Windows Media streaming or direct download)


Rob Bushway said...

Thanks for those wonderful words, Hugo. I think between us, you, Jk, Craig, and many others, we'll continue to raise the bar together1

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Rob/Dennis and Warner,

It's my pleasure and honor to be part of these infamous ranks. We've established a real sense of Tablet Pride, and friendships that stretch well beyond traditional boders. Keep it up boys, it's working for you!