Monday, February 08, 2010

What's on your workbench?

A look at my workbench today!

Without blinking twice I ran out of space on a little bench I call "the workbench" and I thought it was worth blogging! Starting from left-to-right (and working clockwise) there is:

  • DT312: 10.4" Tablet by DT Research (I'm imaging the unit and installing Win 7 Ultimate & TV Tuner on it)
  • iTablet T221: 12.1" Tablet by AMtek (setup for emails and browsing. Just a side machine permanently on this desk)
  • TEGA TPP10: 10.2" Tablet by Tegatech (installing Win7 Ultimate and configuring 3G, GPS and more)
  • S5: 4.8" UMPC by Viliv. (Putting Win7 Professional on it - Viliv Manager giving me hell!)
  • SECRET MACHINE: Can't say much about this but I can say it is a resistive touch Tablet (for permanent mount on wall), telephone, card reader and more!
  • X70: 7" UMPC by Viliv. (Taking advantage of GPS module built-in and installing some maps on there for use in Australia.)
The reality is I could display this many Tablets over and over and not run out of Tablets, only desk space! I love what I do and thought I'd share a little of "what's on my work bench!" for fun. Send me some of yours!


borax99 said...

Welcome back Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...

Nice to be back borax99! :-) Thanks!

Hector said...

yes its great to have you posting again. Glad everything is good. I sent you a email.


Hugo Ortega said...

Thanksw Hector,

Nice to be back! Lov'n it!

I've got your email but am swamped under by work as I am leaving overseas this Sunday. Will reply shortly! Nice to have you back on my blog too!

The Extreme Moderate said...

Love this post... Great shot and great collection of toys Hugo!

Hugo Ortega said...

cheers Extreme!