Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Viliv S5 as Interactive Lighting controller

I often like posting lateral ways of using Ultra-Mobile PC. We all think of MP3, Video, blogs, vlogs, New York Times (now thanks to iPad) and more. There are however many good business cases for using these to complete tasks, and even some artistic ones too!

On this occasion Australian Lighting Designer Flynn Talbot (twitter) was 1 of 10 designers selected from around the world to showcase his installation “Horizon” at London Design Week. Horizon is an Interactive Light Installation that allows viewers to engage by selecting colours of their choice and watching them translated in a funky and exciting manner on a large screen. The best news for me was that while in London Flynn took a Viliv S5 to control the interactive installation via a purpose built user-interface.

Flynn Talbot using Viliv S5 at London Design Week

What I like about Flynn is that with his passion for Art he is also combining his passion for technology. This is obvious in his design but can also be witness in his work. At his latest exhibition at Northbridge Piazza in Perth he is allowing anyone interested to be the artistic designer by login into enter your name and 4 colour choices and have it displayed for everyone to see at the Piazza! The website will tell you where you are in the queue (I’m 11th right now!) Each show is a 1min loop and displayed to all onlookers.

There is no live stream but I guess if you’re not in Perth (and many of us aren’t) then you will need to live with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart knowing you contributed! There is no Viliv for you to use either but I heard you can call this site up on your phone and interact that way! I like what Flynn’s doing and the fact that it showcases exciting potential uses for Mobile PC devices outside of the norm.


Flynn Talbot said...

Hi Hugo,
Thanks for the post. The reason we decided not to have a live video feed is because this work is about being there and experiencing it first hand. The colours are rich and it has a dramatic effect on the surrounding area and the audience. This is something I am passionate about. There is no way you can appreciate the impact of this work over the internet. However the opportunities for Horizon to travel have now become much easier so hopefully it will be showing near you soon.

Hugo Ortega said...

Nice work Flynn, makes a lot of sense. Keep us all posted on your developments via your blog!