Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Me being mobile at the Vancouver Olympic Games 2010

When the opportunity came up to come to the Vancouver Olympic Games I really could not resist. As you know I started this morning, and although it's been a monster day, it has been worth it. It commenced with a 4:35AM wake up call at my hotel room in Los Angeles; from there I raced to the airport and caught an Alaskan Airlines flight to Seattle (where I will be spending the week with Microsoft). Avis had a car waiting for me and I headed for the Canadian border!

Once I was in Canada the excitement began! From the crowds on the streets to the people with flags and the multitude of banners and advertisements lining the streets, the Olympic spirit was alive. The first event I went to was the Snowboarding only to find out I was too late for most the events. A little upset I'd missed most the events I had caught the "Olympic bug" and decided to try my luck at another event...the Woman's Hockey! So several hundred dollars later (didn't matter since I'd laboured this far) I was in a cab and headed to another event!

Cypress Mountain: Men's Snowboard Cross event

From North Vancouver back to the West side I had to head to UBC (University of British Columbia) Thunderbird Arena! This is where I am blogging from as the game is going on! It is the second QTR and the Swedes are up 4 goals to 2 against Slovakia. The atmosphere is rocking and I am sitting next to the Swede fans and they are very passionate!

Winter Olypics 2010: Woman's Hockey SWE vs. SVK

Once again, it is fun to show what mobility truly means, and how powerful it is to be mobile and broadcasting from some fun places in the world! Three countries in three days (Australia, America & Canada)! Love it!!! It's 8pm here and when the game is over I'll be headed back to America, Seattle and finally to my hotel in Bellevue. I will sleep well tonight.


RobMtl007 said...

Hey Hugo:

Welcome to Canada.
Enjoy Vancouver its a wonderful
place to be.

You have got to try one of our
Molson beers, it will get you
speaking Canadian in seconds.

While your in Canada hope you
can make many Canadians buy
more Tablet PC's.

Hugo have a great time in Canada.

Regards Robert from Montreal

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Rob!

What a great country!!!

THank you for the welcome and the kind words! I did manage to talk to a couple people about Tablets ironically as I was blogging from the Hockey Game, and later sitting in a cafe doing work, I turned a few heads and struck up a few conversations.

I didn't get a chance to taste a Molsons but I will make sure I do next time. I drove many miles yesterday and saw much of Vancouver and really enjoyed myself! I left a 11pm and headed back to Seattle only to get into my hotel at 3am! :-) Huge day! But, like I saw, well worth it!!!

Nice to hear from you again mate!