Friday, February 26, 2010

TEGA Tablet almost ready to ship

There are a handful of joys in life which remain with you forever, i.e. birth, marriage, death and lotto (for those that win!) LOL! I can now add a new one to the list and that is the joy of seeing your name on a computer!

My name is Hugo Oretga and I AM AN ADDICT!

Tegatech has released a Tablet PC and it's branded TEGA and it rocks! (Of course I would say that). After working to get Bluetooth right, Wi-Fi right, 3G and touchscreen the first batches are almost ready to ship.

TEGA Tablet almost ready to ship!

Once it's properly annoucned I'll let you all know.


Carlos Rodrigues said...

Looks very interesting. Price ? No marketing BS please, a ballpark figure will be fine.

Hugo Ortega said...

To throw me that line Carlos you probably have never read my blog. There is never BS here! From US$650.76

Big Max said...

Hi Hugo,

glad that you're back to the scene. The new TEGA Tablet looks like the iLet Extreme, but nevertheless it is an interesting mobile device that meets all the requirements of a mobile geek.
I'm waiting for a device like this to arrive in the stores of Germany to replace my 10" EeePC.

Very Kind Regards
Big Max

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Big Max! THanks mate! It's been years and yet the welcome ceremony has been nice! Glad you're well! Still Yachting?

PS. We have an office in Europe and can ship to Germany easily. :-)

Big Max said...

Hi Hugo,

thanks for your reply and offer - I'll come back to you, if I'll decide for this special device. Have to made up my mind between a slate or convertible tablet.

Yes I'm still yachting, but inshore since last season at the Lake of Constance with shorelines to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is closer to my home than the Baltic Sea and much more comfortable in my age.

Big Max

Hugo Ortega said...

Hey Big Max! The yachting souds great! No matter what age, being close to home is always positive. :-)

Stay in touch mate. Still have that CD you sent me years back. Thanks again for that.

HG said...

Wow Hugo this is great! Price looks very good as well. I always like that you can ink or be able to mark up notes etc... right on the screen. For me I travel a lot from jobsite to jobsite, this is why I perfer inking. I will be watching out for the release, and who knows I might place a order to the U.S. :) I do have a S10-3t that I have been just testing out and have some videos up on how it works with inking, and how it performs, on YouTube and on a little blog I created. :)

Hugo Ortega said...

That's awesome HG! The blog is great! Before you place an order let me know and I'll make sure I allocate "mate's rates". :-)

HG said...

Ok thanks Hugo.

JC said...

Hey Hugo!!

the Tega will be a complete success, and I want one, hope I can get it here in Mexico or US :)

Keep the good work!

Hugo Ortega said...

Thanks JC! Gracias!

When the TEGA is released I'll make sure everyone knows on the blog...and yes, we will ship to USA and Mexica happily.

Hugo :-)

Blogger said...

hello hugo, how can i bypass, win 7 resume loader, without the keyboard :(. the touch doesnt let me choose any option stuck for so long.. :( really help me mate.


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thanks a lot.

Hugo Gaston Ortega said...

Thanks Naufil, sending you an email now! I'm in the UK right now so can't phone you. Sorry.