Monday, February 08, 2010

TEGA Tablet PC reviewed ahead of its release

Seems as though DigitalReview Network has some strong connections as they've been given a new TEGA Tablet PC for review, ahead of its official release! They have done several reviews of Tegatech devices in the past, i.e. MediSlate, a Ruvo device and even Clean Screen. On this occassion there was even an attempted bribe (box of chocolates) but even so DRN claim the review would have been quite favourable without them! :-)


Move over iPad! Sitting on our test bench is Australia's latest Tablet PC, a beautiful 10 incher from the House of Tegatech.

You may know Tegatech as the key distributor and seller of UMPCs and ruggedised tablet PCs to list a few of their niche products. And you may know them from previous reviews we've done, like the MediSlate and the Ruvo Avox.

This time Tegatech has used their expertise to develop their own device. It is a 10.2" Tablet PC with built-in 3G modem and they are calling it TEGA.

They worked with the Chinese manufacturer K.R.T. to develop an Australianised Tablet PC by adapting firmware and the touchscreen to suit our climate.



Hector said...

This Tablet looks pretty good. I can see this year to be the year of Slate's, Tablet's, and touch screen devices. I am always on the road and a slate would be a great device for me, but needs to have great inking. I remember having the HP TC1000 which worked great but then sold it and got the Toshiba M205.

Hugo Ortega said...

Like you Hector I started with a TC1100 (the later model) and there are many of us that still believe it was the best model ever! I was never a fan of the Toshiba except for my R400..lovely inking experience! The best thing that came out of Win7 for me was the improved inking. That, as you requested, is great!

Great comment man.